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The ESPP - DPP - NNP Catalogue of Nutrient Recovery Technologies summarises processes for recovery of nutrients from sewage, manure or other sources, covering technologies should be operational or demonstrated at full-scale or pilot scale, recovering phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and/or micro-nutrients.

The catalogue aims to provide practical information on: technology supplier, process input materials, output products (nutrient content, organic carbon content and other properties), process description (inc. fate of contaminants), current operating status (number, capacity duration of continuous operation).

Information on technologies not currently included is invited, or comments or updates, to


Disclaimer: This document aims to provide an indicative overview, not technical information to support decision making. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but further information and updates should be sought from the indicated contacts. The information included has been discussed between ESPP and the technology suppliers, and in general validated by these companies. However, ESPP, DPP and NNP do not have resources necessary to audit information provided and information is included as provided by the companies. Inclusion in this document does not constitute any endorsement of technology(ies) by the nutrient platforms, nor validation of intellectual property nor commercial claims.

Sewage P-recovery: full scale plants operating or under permitting/construction

Ash2Phos (EasyMining)
TetraPhos (Remondis)
PAKU (Endev)
TerraNova (HTC)
PHOS4Green (Glatt)
Metawater alkaline ash leaching
Struvite precipitation
Struvite enhanced
Sludge lysis
Renewable Nutrients

Sewage P-recovery: (TRL 6+)

RAVITA (Helsinki HSY)
Phos4Life (ZAR – Técnicas Reunidas)
ViViMag® (WETSUS - Kemira)
Kemira iron / aluminium phosphate
AshDec (Metso Outotec)

Other nutrient recovery TR6+

Ash2Salt (EasyMining)
Aqua2N (EasyMining)
Anuvia Plant Nutrients
Hitachi Zosen
AMFER (Colsen)
Agro America (VP Hobe)
Slurry acidification
STERCORE pyrolysis
Pyreg (pyrolysis)

Technologies at R&D scale

Flashphos (Uni. Stuttgart, Italmatch)
RSR (Green Sentinel)
Spodofos (ThermusP)
SIMPhos-process (Cirkel)
PHOSPHIXTM (Clean TeQ Water)

Update not completed 2022 or underway

HAIX ion exchange (LayneRTTM)
Struvite enhanced: acid (MSE-mobile)
GENIUS (Nijhuis Saur Industries)
RePeat (Nijhuis Saur Industries)
Byosis (Nijhuis Saur Industries)

Currently no longer under development (to our knowledge) - or integrated into other processes

RecoPhos thermal
BioEcoSim (Suez)
ePhos (Fraunhofer IGB)

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Read earlier SCOPE and eNews editions.