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US P-RCN (Research Coordination Network) final meeting shows many publications and some outstanding questions.

The Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance (North America) second stakeholder Forum, Washington DC, looked at phosphorus management today and tomorrow.

US dairy company Newtrient launches online selection tool for manure nutrient recycling technologies and suppliers

Phosphorus industry and phosphorus use innovation: summary of the 4th International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry - SYMPHOS

First ever national meeting on recycled phosphorus in agriculture discusses recycled nutrient products quality, policy, legislation and circular economy.

A survey of stakeholders and farmers in Germany shows difficulties of uptake of fertiliser eco-innovations

Site visits: Gifu alkaline sludge ash leaching, Kubota sludge furnace. Anders Nättorp, FHNW and ESPP Board, reports on a study visit to Japan, organised by the Phosphorus Recycling Promotion Council of Japan (PRPCJ) to discuss P-REX results and ESPP activities, with visits to two sites implementing recovery technologies unique to Japan. With thanks to Prof. Hisao Ohtake, Waseda Univeryity and Fumiki Hosho, KUBOTA Corporation, for help in preparing this summary.

Contaminants were analysed and ecotoxicity tested for 3 struvites, 5 thermal recovered phosphates, and leachates, suggesting low risk to the environment from use in agriculture.

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