ESPP workshop on Nitrogen Recovery

Brussels & hybrid, 19 January 2023

ESPP is widening to include recovery for recycling of nitrogen. A literature search, operator mapping and technology inventory has been carried out (HERE). A first meeting is organised, open to technology providers and developers and to companies developing nitrogen recycling:

  • n recovery news

    Literature search and technology inventory conclusions and overview, market perspectives vision
  • Why recycle nitrogen? current price and import crises, global nitrogen cycle
  • Perspectives from the fertilisers industry, water industry, biogas operators
  • Technology sessions, including: ammonia recovery (from gas cleaning or “stripping” of liquids), potential NOx /N2O capture for N recycling, N recovery from liquid phase
  • Final panel and discussion: What next? Working Group? Actions?

19th January 2023, Brussels (L42 Centre) & hybrid.

To propose a presentation of your process or technology, or on N-recovery context and perspectives, contact Olivier Bastin, ESPP

This workshop is open, for physical participation in Brussels, to invited participants only. This is necessary to limit numbers in order to enable exchange and discussion on how to engage actions to promote, develop and implement nitrogen recovery for recycling. Online access will not be limited. To obtain your personal code to enable you to participate in Brussels, you should send a request to Olivier Bastin, ESPP indicating what technology, market or regulatory expertise you can bring to this workshop.

Up-to-date programme of the workshop is available here.
Registration is open here:

Ticket prices (ex-VAT):

Brussels = 100 € - personalised code required

Online = 50 €