16th-17th January 2024, Brussels Plaza & hybridLogo SOFIE corr

SOFIE is the only industry meeting place for organic-carbon-based fertiliser producers, distributors, advisory, technology suppliers. The first SOFIE (2019) attracted 125 participants, with 230 for SOFIE2.

SOFIE3 will cover:

  • policy and market
  • agronomic benefits, in particular field trials and case studiesSOFIE
  • processing from divers input materials to consistent products for farmers
  • application best practices, e.g. co-application with mineral fertilisers, biostimulants
  • environment, carbon benefits, LCA, Circular Economy
  • business models and product success stories

Proposals for presentations, company showcases or posters should be sent by 15th October to 
: see details hereAll presentations, showcases and posters to be in Brussels (not online).

SOFIE3 is co-organised by ESPPEurofema and Fertilizers Europe, with support of the International Fertiliser Society.

Previous editions

SOFIE2 (2023)

A full summary of the SOFIE2 Conference is available here (SCOPE Newsletter #146). If you are not already subscribed to ESPP eNews and SCOPE, subscribe here.
Slides, posters and participants list are available to all registrants on the Swapcard app. 
The Swapcard chat is available for download here.

SOFIE1 (2019)