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Send us your vision for sustainable phosphorus in tomorrow’s world. ESPP is preparing a special SCOPE Newsletter edition, consisting of short texts presenting perspectives and expert opinion for different pathways to address the phosphorus challenge. Details  
The EU’s new R&D funding programme Horizon2020 includes a number of areas relevant to phosphorus sustainability, with opportunities for research, demonstration, implementation. Several Horizon 2020 funding calls now open offer opportunities for sustainable phosphorus management projects: - phosphorus in agriculture: sustainable crop production – external nutrient inputs - raw materials: sustainable exploration, extraction, processing - recovery technologies for minerals, specifically focussing on SMEs and demonstration - cooperation with raw materials producing countries - nutrient and energy recovery from manures and agricultural wastes - new solutions for production of raw materials from secondary materials   Details can be found here.
The second European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2) will take place in Berlin, 3rd – 4th March 2015. This follows the 1st ESPC Conference, Brussels, March 2013, the establishment of the German P Platform, announcements or consultations on phosphorus policy in several Member States, and continuing developments on phosphorus use, recycling and environmental management. This second European conference ESPC2 will cover the following themes, particularly showcasing success stories and business cases and involvement of the Baltic, Black Sea and Mediterranean areas. •       P losses and environmental impacts •       P from farm to plate •       Food security and international phosphorus supply •       Reuse of P and P-recycling •       Progress made addressing the Phosphorus Challenge Contact: Christian Kabbe, German Phosphorus Platform \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and further information soon on
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    ESPC2013: Paving the way for Europe-wide cooperation and action

    by Tomek de Ponti, Independent Sustainable Agriculture Consultant affiliated to the Dutch Nutrient Platform

    Today’s start of the 1st European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2013) is not only the culmination of the joint efforts of many involved businesses, knowledge institutes and other stakeholders across Europe in the past half year, but also the beginning of accelerating the process of achieving sustainable phosphorus use in Europe.

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    The phosphorus challenge


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    Towards a North America P sustainability partnership


     First steps are being taken to organise stakeholder cooperation and facilitate value-chain development for sustainable phosphorus management in USA + Canada.

    At the 2nd P-RCN meeting (see SCOPE Newsletter 100 under ‘Downloads’) key stakeholders identified the need to go beyond the coordination of research and to actively develop sustainable phosphorus management and the business value chain. The development of such a “partnership” is seen as one long-term outcome of the 5-year P-RCN project.  The operational form of the “partnership” remains to be defined (network, structure, cooperation platform …), probably with regional implementation in different zones of the USA and Canada. Motivated P-RCN participants are now contacting frontrunner companies and organisations to initiate a pre-launch phase to mobilise interested parties, define the project objectives, organisation, feasibility and funding.

    Interested companies and structures should contact Jim Elser, Arizona State University, P-RCN lead investigator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. see SCOPE Newsletter 100 under ‘Downloads’ at


    Struvite approved as fertiliser in Netherlands. Recognised risk free if from food industry. Questions on microbes if from sewage @NutrientP

    by Phosphorus Platform