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  • German P-recycling obligation notified to Europe
  • EU Fertilisers Regulation revision: key outstanding issues
  • Marketing of digestates and composts
  • New value chains for P-recycling
  • Environment challenges for pig production – COOPERL forum of manure intensive regions
  • Understanding Animal by-products and Meat and Bone Meal recycling
  • Struvite as fertiliser: update to data on struvite effectiveness as fertiliser
  • STOWA opportunities and barriers to struvite use
  • Recovered struvite processed to fish feed
  • New EU food waste estimates
  • Food waste recycling to fish food
  • Phosphorus science special edition
  • European Biogas Association workshop Anaerobic digestion and the circular economy
  • International IPW8 Conference, Rostock, identifies research challenges and solutions

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  • ESPP input to EU Fertilisers Regulation revision proposal
  • Improve-P: Fertiliser value of composts and digestates
  • ESPP proposed biochar fertiliser criteria
  • Struvite as an effective fertiliser: review of field and pot tests data
  • US EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge winners
  • Canada nutrient removal and recycling perspectives
  • Recycling of phosphorus in Norway: Norwegian EPA proposals
  • European Parliament Agriculture Committee supports nutrient recycling
  • EU Nitrates Directive implementation: France State study of 6 Member States
  • PHORWater workshop Lyon: five full-scale struvite recovery processes compared
  • RISE report on nutrient recovery and reuse
  • Finland nutrient recycling programme
  • Flanders manure processing competition
  • George Barley Prize: 11.2 million US$ nutrient removal and recovery challenge

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  • EU Fertiliser Regulation: proposal released, will cover recycled and organic fertilisers and soil amendments, open for comment
  • International Green Deal: North Sea Resources Roundabout
  • Portugal, Spain, Greece, UK, France: failure to treat sewage
  • BSAG Baltic region nutrient platform
  • EU Consultation on H2020 R&D programme
  • WERF call for information on struvite in sewage works
  • ICL acquires Recophos P4 recycling technology
  • Ecophos: recycling phosphorus into animal feed phosphates Dunkerque, Varna
  • Naskeo: France’s first full-scale struvite installation, Castres
  • Milan manure processing seminar
  • Concern about soil degradation
  • Food chain nutrient footprint tool
  • Policies to enable the circular economy: POLFREE & DYNAMIX

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  • EU EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Nutrient Recycling call for participants
  • EU public consultation on sustainable bioenergy – to 10th May
  • Sustainable diet: nutrition, health and environment
  • Critical Raw Materials: Deloitte report fails to address real phosphorus cycles and presents misleading assessment
  • Circular economy conference conclusions are put to Competitiveness Council by Netherlands Presidency.
  • Zurich announces industrial P-recovery pilot
  • AquaEnviro conference: biosolids from a waste to a resource
  • High diet phosphorus does not change blood parameters
  • 1 000 tonnes P/year leaks from mains water pipes in the UK
  • Diet and impacts of livestock production
  • Crop P efficiency: P-solubilising rhizobacteria
  • IFS: P-recovery from wastewater: update on technologies and implementation
  • Pig manure: Quick wash P-recovery
  • Canada: Greenhouse waste water P-recovery
  • Brine shrimp eggs -magnesium hydroxide adsorbent for P-recovery

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  • Bio-nutrients Circular Economy - ESPP work on policy proposals
  • EU Circular Economy PackageEIP-AGRI Circular economy opportunities
  • Waste management industry ISWA - Circular Economy for C, nutrients and soil
  • Public policies - Switzerland
  • Greece, Poland face fines for not treating wastewater.
  • European Environment Agency (EEA) - Analysis of P resource taxation
  • USA agriculture economics - Impacts of externalities taxation or scarcity prices
  • Janez Poto─Źnik and RISE - Sustainable intensification and nutrients
  • Resource recovery - IWA Compendium
  • RR2015 1st Resource Recovery Conference
  • ManuREsource - international manure nutrient recycling conference
  • Summary of water resource recovery networks – what do they do?
  • Nano form calcium phosphates - safety of use in consumer products
  • ESPP General Assembly minutes (2/12/2015)

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Read earlier SCOPE and eNews editions.