The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation, currently under finalization in trilogue (European Parliament, Council, Commission negotiations) will create the possibility for a wide range of products which are currently covered only by disparate national regulations and certifications to be CE-marked (EU-Label): composts, digestates, organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, growing media, biostimulants.

The new EU Fertilising Products Regulation is highly ambitious in opening single market access for products from secondary raw materials. The new Regulation will represent a step-change by giving effective EU End-of-Waste status to EU-Label fertilising products.

At this meeting, organised by ESPP and leading concerned industry organisations, around 50 experts from different organic material recycling industries, the European Commission, Parliament, Council, agricultural stakeholders, and trade organisations engaged dialogue on a range of technical and legal issues raised by the new regulation, with the objectives of ensuring that current organic material recycling routes are not excluded, innovation and industrial feasibility are facilitated, and that safety of products from secondary raw materials is ensured (hygiene, non-dissemination of plant pathogens or invasive plant species).

The meeting organisers were: European Biogas Association (EBA), European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC), European Consortium of the Organic-Based Fertilizer-Industry (ECOFI), European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), Growing Media Europe, Working Group on Compost of the North Sea Resources Roundabout, Union des industries de la fertilisation, France (UNIFA).

The programme can be found here.
Thre report can be found in SCOPE newsletter 126.

The following presentations are available for download:

  1. Importance of plant and organic materials in fertilising materials - Florence Nys - UNIFA
  2. Fostering innovation related to bio-based primary or secondary components - Chiara Manoli - ECOFI
  3. Case study Vegetable cakes, food industry by-products - Quentin Protsenko - Frayssinet
  4. Plant-based components of fertilising products and REACH: today and tomorrow - David Carden - EBIC
  5. Fertilizer WS: Combining safety and innovation in digestates - Franz Kirchmeyr - EBA
  6. Case study Difficulties of exporting compost within the EU today - Wim de Jong - North Sea Resources Roundabout
  7. Circular products in growing media - Nele Ameloot - Growing Media Europe
  8. Case study Effectiveness of existing legislation in ensuring safety: example of the Portugal beetle - Laurent Largant – Afaïa
  9. Case study Effectiveness of self-certification in ensuring safety and enabling innovation and the circular economy in Growing Media - Nele Ameloot - Growing Media Europe
  10. The new plant health regime in the European Union - Harry Arijs – European Commission DG SANTE