The literature search, operator mapping and technology inventory is available HERE.n-recovery_news.jpg

The first meeting on Nitrogen Recovery has been organised in January 2023, in Brussels and online, and was open to technology providers and developers and to companies developing N recycling

The final programme of the workshop is available here. 

SCOPE Newsletter n. 145 summary of the event is published here, and registered participants already have full access to slides, session recordings, edited Chat, list of participants with emails via link sent by email.

Following this workshop, ESPP is moving forward on Nitrogen Recovery by taking the following key actions. 

ESPP moving forward on Nitrogen Recovery

ESPP is establishing a Working Group to take forward actions on nitrogen recovery and recycling. The first meeting was held online on 29th March, with the participation of industry representatives and researchers. This working committee will function by online and/or physical meetings and email. The next meeting will be held online on 25th April 2023.

Working Group aiming to:

  • Identify actions to support development and implementation of N-Recovery

  • Define consensus proposals to submit to policy makers

  • Set up and secure funding for an appropriate ‘structure’ to take this forward (including funding human resources necessary for group moderation). 

Companies and stakeholders interested to participate in this Nitrogen Recovery Working Group should contact

Call for nominations of nitrogen recovery science papers

ESPP is preparing a SCOPE Newsletter special presenting the “best of” of recent scientific papers or reports on Nitrogen Recovery and Recycling. This will summarise a selection of around 25 scientific publications for the last few years, similar to SCOPE special editions on climate change – eutrophication links (n°137) or phosphorus sustainability (n°128).

Selection will target papers representing significant knowledge progress in N-recovery, both technical recovery (N recycling to industry or fertilisers) and biological or other N recycling routes, in particular: operating experience at full/pilot scale or innovative technologies leading to N-recovery in a form likely to be a marketable product.

Please send copies of or links to papers you suggest should be included, your own or other authors’, to 

1st White Ammonia Research Meeting (WARM) - 7th June 2023

WARM logo1

ESPP is organising a first White Ammonia and N-recovery Research Meeting (WARM) in Brussels and hybrid, 7th June 2023 (plus nitrogen recovery site visit 6th June). This will showcase research and innovation into nitrogen recovery and make links from EU R&D policy to industry implementation.

This is within EU Green Week, Brussels, and back-to-back to the 6th NH3 Event (& 6th Power to Ammonia conference), Europe’s biggest ammonia event, Rotterdam 8-9th June 2023 (one hour train from Brussels).

Details coming soon on