ESPP is governed by a “Board of Directors”, as specified in ESPP’s statutes (in particular, articles 17 to 21).

The Board consists of 3 to 7 persons, elected by the General Assembly (which consists of all ESPP Members). The Board elects, from its members, the ESPP President, Secretary and Treasurer.

At present, the members of the ESPP Board of Directors are as follows (as elected at the General Assembly of 28th November 2022):

robert van spingelen 2Robert van Spingelen (Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies) – President

Robert has 20+ years’ experience in the fertiliser production industry and working on several projects of recuperating nutrients derived from waste streams. Currently working with Ostara as well as for other companies helping them out valorising their organic waste streams into fertilising products. Robert is a firm believer in getting nutrients that are present in ‘waste” streams back into fertilising products to lower the footprint of waste nutrients.



Jean-Christophe Ades (Kemira) – TreasurerAdes

Jean-Christophe works as a Senior Marketing Manager for Waste Water & Sludge Municipal in Kemira. He has more than 20 years of experience in the water, wastewater and sludge treatment field. All of his career he has worked on different positions in Kemira with focus on production, sales, product management and marketing. He has worked in France and since more than 5 years with responsibility for EMEA region.



Ludwig Hermann (Proman) – SecretaryHermann

Ludwig has 35+ years of experience as technology, sustainability and innovation manager and consultant on 3 continents, was co-founder and long-term CEO of ASH DEC Umwelt AG, is co-inventor of minerals/ash decontamination, phosphorus recovery, energy conversion and efficiency technologies, author and co-author of several patents, reports, papers and book chapters on recovery of critical materials, nutrient recycling and renewable energy. He is a member of the scientific advisory board “Environment” of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing and of the Steering Committee of the International Water Association’s (IWA) Resource Recovery Cluster.


Mark Craig (UKWIR – Severn Trent Water)

Craig Mark

Mark has been with Severn Trent Water for 33 years and his current role is Long Term Asset Strategy Lead for wastewater treatment. In this role he owns and plans for a wide range of issues that come under the umbrella term ‘emerging substances of concern’, including pharmaceuticals, hazardous substances, PFAS, microplastics and anti-microbial resistance; monitors future legislative requirements, such as the new UWWTD and quantifying impact on Severn Trent Water if England decides to adopt equivalent legislation; leads on the development of our 5 yearly wastewater environmental improvement programme (with specific focus on Phosphate removal to meet WFD standards); works on our business plan submission to our economic regulator, Ofwat; engages with a range of key stakeholders including environmental regulators, Defra and the academic community. He is also the programme lead for UKWIRs sustainable wastewater treatment research programme to develop new research proposals for consideration by the UKWIR membership.

Antoine Hoxha (Fertilizers Europe)Hoxha

Antoine is Technical Director at Fertilizers Europe, whom he joined in 2010, after 8 years in the fertilisers industry at Prayon where in R&D and technology licensing. He has hands-on experience in production and technology and holds 2 patents relating to phosphoric acid. He has worked in research and teaching in fertilisers and pharmaceuticals in Belgium and the UK and has been President of the International Fertiliser Society.



kabbeChristian Kabbe (EasyMining)

Christian has a PhD in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry and a professional career in the chemical industry, in the German EPA, in research and in water technology engineering.  He coordinated the EU FP7 project P-REX (2012-2015). Since 2019, Christian is managing director of the German branch of EasyMining, a daughter company of the Swedish Ragn-Sells Group, which has developed technologies for nutrient recovery from secondary sources. Christian participates in IFS, DWA and various European and German committees dealing with wastewater management, resource recovery and circular economy. Christian focuses on cross-sectoral cooperation to implement recycling in practice, where quality, volume and reliability matter.


Tanya Schaaf (Outotec)Schaaf

Tanja is product manager RD and Technology in the in product line Thermal Processing at Outotec Germany, with R&D interests including pyrolysis, gasification, combustion, gas upgrading, nutrient recovery from ash and phosphate rock calcination, including cadmium removal. Tanja studied in Slovenia and Germany before starting at Lurgi, where she was responsible for R&D in oleochemicals for 4 years.