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ESPP research & development (R&D) activities

SCOPE 128 newsletter science special on phosphorus

One of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP)’s objectives is to be a hub for networking, for exchange of information and for interaction between research and industry. This SCOPE special edition aims to identify and summarise some of the most significant, recent, scientific publications into phosphorus stewardship. The following list of papers are summarised.

Download SCOPE Newsletter 128 here:

ESPP catalogue of nutrient recycling and stewardship projects and platforms

Here you can download the ESPP catalogue of nutrient recycling and management projects and platforms. It includes R&D projects on nutrient recycling and management (not only phosphorus), for promotion on our website ( and in our network of companies, public bodies and other stakeholders. Please provide your input and corrections by email to  

Consult the list of projects: here

 ESPP input to the preparation of EU R&D funding programme Horizon Europe

ESPP synthesis of stakeholder input for a mission on nutrients (20/7/2018)
Here you can download ESPP’s detailed input. 
ESPP input to public consultation on Horizon Europe, September 2019

ESPP Joint position on the need for research into organic contaminants

ESPP Joint position on the need for research into organic contaminants - signed by ESPP, Eureau (Europe’s drinking water and waste water service operators), EBA (European Biogas Association),  ECN (European Compost Network), EEB (European Environment Bureau) and Growing Media Europe (6 October 2017)

Outcomes 2nd European coordination meeting of nutrient R&D projects (Basel, Switzerland)

About 25 nutrient recovery research and demonstration projects met in Basel, Switzerland, 19th October, to discuss project coordination and future research needs. Projects present included Horizon 2020, LIFE, Interreg and national funded R&D projects, as well as participants from industry and policy makers. This European Nutrient Event was jointly organised by ESPP, the Phos4You project and Basel Region. This was the second such European coordination meeting of nutrient R&D projects, following the first meeting organised in Berlin in 2015 (see SCOPE Newsletter n°111). In Basel, the meeting concluded the need to develop continuous exchange between nutrient R&D projects: to avoid the stop-and-go which has resulted in the past from meetings too far apart (2015, 2017) and from coordination organised by projects (three year duration).Other specific proposals included to establish a Mediterranean network on nutrient recycling; structure cooperation between nutrient R&D projects present (such as joint dissemination, back-to-back events at important industry trade fairs); develop an independent panel and data base for evaluation of nutrient recycling technologies, systems, costs; network across projects of demonstration plants in different regions, different types of waste / water, different treatment systems. The Basel 2017 R&D project coordination event followed a first day organised by Phos4You and the German Phosphorus Platform (DPP) discussing the new regulatory obligations for phosphorus recovery in Switzerland and in Germany and presenting available technologies.

Data on Nutrients to Support Stewardship (DONUTSS)

DONUTSS (Data on Nutrients to Support Stewardship) aims to identify what data is needed by decision makers (agriculture, industry, investors waste sector and policy makers) on nutrient stocks and flows, and define how to make this data available.

More information about DONUTSS:

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