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Protix, Business Development Manager

KapteijnsThijs Kapteijns is Business Development Manager at Protix since 2018, a leading insect producer from the Netherlands. He is expert in the field of insect frass, an organic fertilizer which is produced by Black Soldier Fly insect larvae. During the 2nd SOFIE event Kapteijns will present about the added value of insect frass for organic and organo-mineral fertilizer formulations.

Thijs Kapteijns | LinkedIn

About Protix

Protix breeds larvae from the Black Soldier Fly and is the market leader in insect-based nutrition for healthy and sustainable feed and food. Organic waste from the food industry serves as feed for the insects. In turn, the insects are processed into sustainable ingredients like proteins, lipids and fertilizer.

These nutrients are used by Protix’s customers as nutritious, high added value ingredients in pet food and animal feed. Insect ingredients are more sustainable ingredients than soy or fishmeal and help prevent overfishing and deforestation for soy cultivation. Protix has built the first-in-the-world industrial insect facility and has laid the basis for a broad range of certified applications in feed and food. Protix contributes to a food system that is in balance with nature.

Company website: www.protix.eu