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EFCI Register (Notified Body | NANDO 2832), Chairman

TettelaarGiel Tettelaar is Chairman of Global Network Group and the Stichting EMCI Register, two cutting edge providers of Certification worldwide. Giel has a background in both certification/compliance as well as software development and this background is combined in our certification processes. Through this combination GNG and EMCI Register have an industry leading certification process that is efficient, remote, automated and dynamic to suit your needs. We are constantly expanding our scope of work through a startup mentality. Our latest expansion is to provide certification activities under the FPR 2019/1009 under the new European Fertilizer Certification Institute (EFCI Register). EFCI Register was one of the first Notified Bodies for the FPR 2019/1009 and we aim to do things differently.

EFCI Register aims to become an industry leading Notified Body for the FPR 2019/1009. Combining a unique fully remote certification process with a pragmatic approach we ensure an ultra-efficient and transparent process for our clients to achieve CE certification, no more complicated than it needs to be and using auditors that speak your language. Given the challenges the industry is facing with the FPR implementation and the uncertainty that has arisen we believe such an approach will be necessary to ensuring the FPR is a success. In this regard we believe in a pragmatic approach, listening to questions and formulating solutions that provide a clear pathway to certification. Through this approach we believe FPR can have real added value to the industry and we look forward to working towards this goal together in the next years!