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Koppert, Blue Ocean Technologies, New business & Innovation, Manager

MikkelsenI started to work for Koppert, known as the Biological Company even when I was a student. Fixed position in 1981 and every couple of years was able to make a shift in topics and direction of the company. 

I started just part of rearing beneficial parasitic insects and predatory mites.

By 1986 changed to Benefical Nematode entity and developed the entire R&D, Production and Formulation and Packaging. Took some years to develop one of the most complex fermentation systems of these nematodes from solid to submerge massively. In the time in between also developed the same for a couple of entomopathogenic fungi with the same trend, everything sub merge.

The difficulty is drying fungi and having a good survivor and the highest yield in that process.

By 2009 a novel part came in, Bacilli in different applications. We had pest control and first noticed the biostimulation opportunities as well (first shift of going from biopesticides to biostimulation within Koppert).

Apart of Trichoderma which has the double function, we also started the Mycorrhiza development.

All this is not just in the Netherlands, but Brazil ( Koppert do Brasil ) is the largest agro company in the biological pest and disease control.

As well started in India with a partnership KoSSIL (sustainable systems India).

Around 2013 we launched the first multispecies seed coating product.

It was clear that plants suffered more of abiotic stress than of biotic.

Formulation is one, but year by year, we discovered more.

Leaving the Microbial Department in 2017 and becoming responsible for the Blue Ocean Technologies, innovation became the key.

One year later the first fertilizer company related to Koppert did evolve, Vivigro in Canada.

For me the triangle of Microbial influence, Biostimulants and Nutrition became clear; in order to have the best crops and profitability of farmers, due to extremely low needs of chemicals. This is a novel way of farming.

Today we also started in Kazakhstan, with many similarities of Canada.

Essential today is the organo- mineral fertilizer, tomorrow it will be changeover of agriculture.

Company website: www.koppert.com