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TEMA Process, Sales manager


Mark Kragting works as a sales manager in TEMA Process with a back ground in thermal and mechanical engineering. Experience in the processing of waste streams.

Focussing on project development of integrated solutions for bulk materials like biomass, sewage sludge, digestate and municipal solid waste with the aim of upgrading organic waste products to valuable fertilizers or alternative fuels.

Strict regulations imposed by the European Union (EU) with the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions oblige the biogas plant operators to manage digestate properly. Thermal drying can meet the requirements for hygienization and produce a transportable and storable fertilizer as well

For SOFIE 2 Mark will present different projects of organic fertilizer producers in the EU.

About TEMA Process:

TEMA Process is a specialised design and manufacturing company for Fluid Bed Systems for drying of minerals, chemicals, food, feed, biomass, etc. The TEMA Fluid Bed can be applied not only for drying, but also for cooling, roasting, torrefaction, puffing, blanching, stripping, spices and herbs sterilisation and pasteurisation and calcining.

Company website: https://temaprocess.com/