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Certrust LTd., witness engineer

LorinczI studied chemistry and quality assurance management. Now I am working as a witness engineer for Certrust Ltd. and I am strongly experienced in module B and module D1 assessment procedures as well. I am over the certification of cca 100 fertilising products from almost all the categories that are listed in the FPR. I know the typical pitfalls of the most common product categories, and also the solutions for them.    

Certrust Ltd. was the first notified body for the Regulation EU/2019/1009, but this regulation was not the first for us. We are notified body for totally 8 regulations, so this is why we are so well qualified and skilled in the TIC industry. We are the only notified body with full scope for the FPR, which means that we are accredited for all the PFC,CMC categories and modules listed in the Regulation. Our motto is: dynamism, energetics, excellence.

Company website: https://certrust.eu/en