IPW10 - Phoshorus processes in catchments 

26-30 August 2024, Dundee (Scotland), Website 

CRU Phosphates 2024 CRU 2024 logo website 20 12 23

26-28 February 2024, Warsaw (PL), Website

Phosphorus Forum (Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance)

21-22 February 2024, Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Website 

IFS webinar soil/crop nutrition and iron, P, K, cover crops

21 February 2024, Online, Website

6th Phosphorus Forum (Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance)

21-22 february 2024, Tempe, Arizona (USA), Website

Management of phosphate fertilizers for feeding the world sustainably (UNEP, FAO, IFA webinar)

14 February 2024, Online (13.30-15.00), Website

9th International Nitrogen Conference (INI)

5-8 february 2024, New Dehli (India), Website

Nutrient recycling in the grip of geopolitics (FIIA and LUKE)

23 January 2024, Online, Website

Defining “Bio-Based Fertilisers” and FPR “solely biological origin”ESPP logo square format

18 january 2024, Brussels (BE) and online, Website

SOFIE3 (Summit of the Organic Fertilisers Industry in Europe) SOFIE3 logo small

16-17 January 2024, Brussels (BE) and Online, Website 

SOFIE3 (Summit of the Organic Fertilisers Industry in Europe)

16-17 January 2024

ESPP General Assembly

14 december 2023 at 14:30, Online, Contact

Safe Use of Recycled Phosphate (EasyMining)

14 december 2023 at 13:00, Online, Registration

One year of Italian Phosphorus Platform: results and activities

12 december 2023 at 11:00, Online, Link

Role of consumer demand in accelerating the uptake of bio-based materials and products (DG GROW)

11 december 2023, Brussels (BE) and online, Registration

International Fertiliser Society 2023 Conference

6-8 december 2023, Cambridge (UK), Registration

Manure Innovation Agenda - ESNI Community Webinar

5 december 2023, online

Organic Phosphorus Meeting 2023 (OP2023)

27-31 November 2023, Pucón (CL), Contact 

Trends seminar "Sustainable Alternatives for Proteins from Agro-Industrial Residues and By-Products"

22 november 2023, Online, Information and access link

Sustainable Alternatives for Proteins from Agro-Industrial Residues and By-Products

22 november 2023, online, Join the meeting

Biostimulants – the future of fertilisers; or ‘much ado’ about little? (IFS webinar)

22 November 2023, Online, Website and registration

European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference & Exhibition

14-15 November 2023, Manchester (UK) and Online, Registration


A practical approach to the EU Reg. 2019/1009 on fertiliser products (FPR)

14 november 2023, online, Website

EU Raw Materials Week 2023

13-17 november 2023, Brussels (BE), Registration

24th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC)

12-16 november 2023, Ningbo (China), Registration

5th IWA Resource Recovery Conference

1-4 November 2023, Shenzhen (China), Website

Lecture Series on Industrial Phosphorus Chemistry (I) - Phosphorus Chemistry at Solvay

26 october 2023, online, Programme and registration

The revision of the European Directive on sludge recovery in agriculture

24 october 2023, Milan (IT), Website and registration

Sweden Nutrient Platform (RiSE) meeting - in Swedish

18 october 2023, Stockholm (SE), Website

Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference

17-19 October 2023, Lisbon (Portugal), Registration

World Fertilizer Conference 2023

2-3 October 2023, Washington DC (USA), Website

European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative - ESNI 2023

20 september 2023, Brussels (BE) and Online, Website and tickets

2nd workshop on Analytical Techniques for PFAS

19 september 2023, Berlin (DE) and Online, Website

Which recycled nutrients for Organic Farming? ...and why?

18 september 2023, online, Programme and Registration

18th International RAMIRAN Conference - Managing Organic Resources in a Changing Environment

12-14 September 2023, Cambridge (UK), Website 

European Wastewater Management Conference & Exhibition (EWWM)     EWWM

4-5 July 2023, Manchester (UK), Website

CIRCULAR WAYS: Promoting circular approaches in wastewater treatment (Aqua Publica Europea)

29 June 2023, Verona (IT) and Online, Programme

Enhanced Efficiency Phosphate Fertilizers - Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance Webinar

22 June 2023, Online, Website

Biochar Summit 2023Biochar summit

12-15 June 2023, Helsingborg (SE), Website

6th European Power to Ammonia Conference

8-9 June 2023, Rotterdam (NL), Website

Uses for Sewage-Sludge-Derived Biochars

8 June 2023, Aquaenviro, venue tbc, Website

WARM (White Ammonia and N-recovery Research Meeting) WARM logo no dates

7 June 2023 - Brussels (BE) and Online, Website

EU Green Week 2023

3-11 June 2023, Europe, Website

EuChemS workshop: the Phosphorus element

25 May 2023, Brussels (BE) and Online, Website

Uses of Sewage-Sludge-Derived Biochars

18 May 2023, Birmingham (UK), Registration 

660x160 PH23CRU Phosphates 2023

27th Feb – 1st March 2023, Istanbul, Website

TYPKI closing webinar – Nutrient recovery from industrial wastewater

18 April, Registration 

PBSi (Phosphorus, Boron, Silicon chemistry conference)

22-24 March 2023, Berlin, Website

Tertiary Considerations: Reducing Wastewater P Loads (SPA webinar)

15 March 2023, 17h (Brussels time), Registration 

The Cellular Effects and Regulation of Phosphate Homeostasis

12-17 February 2023, Website 

Revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive Webinar (EWA)

7 February 2023, 10:00-11:30 AM CET Time, Registration 

Definition of Plant Nutrient and fertiliser language

25 January 2023, IFS free webinar, 17h00 CET, Website 

NRecovery logoN-Recovery

19 January 2023, Brussels & hybrid, Website


SOFIE2 - 2nd Summit of the Organic and organo-mineral Fertilisers Industries in Europe

17-18 January 2023, Brussels & hybrid, Website

EFSA webinar on submissions of animal by-products applications

1 December 2022, 14:00 to 16:00 (CET), Registration here

CYRKL webinar : Industry by-products and the Circular Economy

29 November 2022, 10h00 CET, Registration here

European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference

22 - 23 November 2022, Website

Raleigh North Carolina (NCSU): 7th global Sustainable Phosphorus Summit & US Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance annual Forum

1-5 November 2022, (save the date), Website

Biostimulants and fertiliser use

28 October, webinar, 15h-16h, Brussels time, Registration

Swedish Nutrient Platform meeting

18-19 October 2022, Helsingborg, Sweden, Website

IWA Sustainable Sludge Management

18 - 22 October 2022, Beijing, China - Website 

DPP (German Phosphorus Platform) Forum

13 October 2022,Frankfurt, Germany, Website

1st Swedish Sewage Sludge Biochar Conference

11 - 12 October 2022, Malmö, Sweden
Plus site visit: sewage sludge pyrolysis, Ellinge sewage works on 13 October 2022, Denmark, Website 

PSP7 (7th Symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants)

3-6 October 2022, Montevideo Uruguay and online, Website

From wastewater to nutrients (German Phosphorus Forum DPP)

28 September 2022, Karlsruhe Germany, Website

RAMIRAN (Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network) 

Postponed to 19 - 21 September 2022, Cambridge, United Kingdom - Website 
Managing Organic Resources in a Changing Environment
Please note the changed dates

6th Circular Economy Summer School for PhD students

12 - 16 September 2022, Liège,  Belgium, Website

Methane from oxic aquatic environments and subsequent fluxes to the atmosphere (SIL 2022 Germany)

7-10 August 2022, Berlin + Hybrid, Website 

European Waste Water Management Conference (Aquaenviro)

12-13 July 2022, Birmingham, UK, Website

MonGOS Circular Economy Summer School for PhD students

3 – 8 July 2022, Cracow, Poland, Website

Future of Phosphorus Removal in Wastewater 2022 (WWT)

5-6 July 2022, Online, Website 

MonGOS water and sewage Circular Economy conference

30 June – 1 July,Cracow, Website

4th European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (2022)

escp4 bleu22 transparent

20 - 22 June 2022, Vienna, Austria - Website

RBB (Renewable Resources & Biorefineries)

1-3 June 2022, Ghent, Website

Biorefine Cluster : Biorefineries in European agriculture

30-31 May 2022, Gent Belgium, Website

IFA Annual Conference 2022: Market Risks & Sustainability

May 30 – June 1, 2022, Vienna, Austria, Website

European Commission workshop on Nutrient Management and Zero Pollution

24-25 May 2022, Brussels and online, Website

European Commission online info day - CE-Marking fertilising products under the new Regulation

23 May 2022, 10h – 17h CEST, Website

RecaP circular phosphorus symposium

17 May 2022, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Website

RecaP circular phosphorus webinar

17 May 2022, 10h – 16h30, online - Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Website 

IFS (International Fertilsier Society) Technical Conference 2021

12-13 May 2022, Amsterdam - Website

Nitrogen and Carbon Interactions with Phosphorus, US SPA webinar

10 May 2022, (9h00-12h00 PST = 21h00 – 24h00 CEST), Online, Registration

Emerging Phosphorus Research Showcase (STEPS)

13 April 2022, 14h30 – 18h EDT = 20h30 – 24h00 CEST, online and Raleigh NC, USA, Website

N2 Applied onsite visit, Nether Lethame Farm

12 April 2022, morning or afternoon,Strathaven, Scotland, Website

Water & nutrients in European agriculture (FiBL and Horizon2020 SolACE)

12 April 2022, 13:00-17:00, Brussels, Belgium - Website 

IWA workshop on P-recovery from wastewaters

11 April 2022, 16h30 – 19h00 CEST, Online, Website 

IWA Water & Resource Recovery

10 - 13 April 2022, online - Website 

FEFAC (EU animal feed industry federation) Webinar on Circular Feed: The future potential of nutrient recovery through animal nutrition

31 March 2022, 15h00 CET, Website

European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative – ESNI 2022

29 March 2022, Online, Website

IFA Fertilisers Sustainability Conference

28-31 March 2022, online - Website 

14th CRU Phosphates Conference

560X190 Phosphates 2022

7-9 March 2022, Tampa, Florida, www.phosphatesconference.com

Webinar: Improving sustainability of livestock production

3 February 2022, 13.00-14.30 CET, Website

Perspectives for reducing “legacy phosphorus” in agricultural soils

2 February 2022, 14h – 17h CET

Giant STEPS Towards Phosphorus Sustainability

13 January 2022, 5:00 PM CET, Register here

Joint FAO-IFA webinar: Advancing nutrient recycling and recovery in agriculture

15 December 2021, 14:00-16:00 CET (Paris time), Register here

IFS (International Fertiliser Society) Agronomy Conference

9-10 December 2021, Cambridge UK - Website

Webinar: Standards for Bio-Fertiliser Products in Ireland

8 December 2021, 13:30 – 14:30 CET, Register here

Nutrient recovery from wastewater to produce fertilisers

30 November 2021, 10h to 12:30h (CET), online workshop - Register here - Agenda here

EBA webinar on biogas perspectives

30 November 2021, 10h00 CETRegister here  

Regulatory develoments on manure recycling

24 November 2021, 16h – 17h30 CET, Webinar


24 - 25 November 2021, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands - Website 

PhD / Masters school on wastewater circular economy

22-26 November 2021, Cracow, Poland

Baltic Nutrient Recycling Strategy implementation webinar (Finland Government)

22 November 2021, 9h00 – 12h45 CET -  Register here - Programme

Aquaenviro European Biosolids & Bioresources

16 - 17 November 2021, Newcastle-on-Tyne UK and online - Website  

EURIC webinar – recycling and End-of-Waste

5 October 2021 – 9h30, online - Website

SPA “Legacy Phosphorus” webinar

30 September 2021, 18h-19h30 CEST - Register here

Aquenviro European Waste Water Management Conference

28 - 29 Sept 2021 (Birmingham UK and online) - Website
Full day on P-removal and P-recovery, 28 Sept.

Sustainable Water Treatment webinar, Biorefine Cluster, Phos4You, SCALIBUR, SABANA and Run4Life

27 September 2021, 14h-16h CEST, Register here

Phos4You Final Conference: P-recovery from wastewater

22 - 23 September 2021, Essen, Germany & online - Website

Future Mine and Minerals Conference

21-22 September 2021,  Tallin, Estonia, Read more

EWA workshop on P-recovery

21st September, 10h30-13h00, online broadcast from the Remondis P-recovery installation, Hamburg Wasser, Germany, Registration here.

CRU Sustainable Fertiliser Production

20-23 September 2021, online - Website

UK National Phosphorus Stakeholder Workshop

15 September 2021, 10h-15h CEST - Register here

German Phosphorus Platform DPP Annual Forum

9 September 2021, Frankfurt am Main + online, Read more

20th Organic World Congress

6 - 10 September 2021, Rennes, France - Website

4th IWA Resource Recovery Conference

5 - 8 September 2021, Istanbul, Online - Website   

WWT Future of Phosphorus Removal in Wastewater 2021

7 July 2021, 10h30 -16h30 CEST, online, Read more

Fertiliser Consultants Network (FCN)

29 June 2021, 13h-15h CEST – How to register fertilisers in different countries (Fertiliser Consultants Network free webinar), Read more

ASLO Special Session (SS06) on Methane Accumulation in Oxic Aquatic Environments

22 - 27 June 2021, online - Website  
Part of the ASLO 2021 Aquatic Sciences Meeting 22-27 June 2021

5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP2020)

21 - 25 June 2021, Milan, Italy - Website 
“Impacting the environment with innovation in wastewater treatment“

Sustainable Foods Summit Europe

9 - 11 June 2021, Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Website

IFA “Smart & Green” plant nutrition innovation webinar

8-10 June 2021,  Read more

4th Phosphorus in Europe Research Meeting (PERM)

2 June 2021, , 09h00 -15h30 (Paris time, CET), online 
ESPP, Biorefine, ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

Wastewater Resource Recovery and Zero Pollution

28 May 2021, 9h20-12h00 CEST online - Website

SYSTEMIC: agricultural market for nutrients recovered from biowaste

27 May 2021, 13h30-15h30 CEST online - Register here

Managing a Legacy of Phosphorus (Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance webinar)

20 May 2021, 9h00 Arizona (18h00 Brussels CEST) - Website 

AquaEnviro “The Art of the Possible: Resource Recovery from Wastewater and Bioresources”

13 May 2021 (online) - Website

Digestates in the EU Fertilising Products Regulation (ECN, EBA), online

28 April 2021, 10h-12h CEST online - GoToWebinar Link

Nordic Circular Materials Conference session on phosphorus

22nd April 2021, 13h – 14h30 CEST

Webinar - recycled nutrients in Organic Agriculture (FiBL, RELACS): Socioeconomic aspects and final discussion

22 April 2021, 10h – 12h Paris summer time (CEST)
To register, contact: 

P-efficiency in poultry farming

22 April 2021 (15h-17h CEST), online - Website  
PeGaSus project results

EIP-AGRI seminar: Healthy soils for Europe: sustainable management through knowledge and practice 

13 - 14 April 2021Website

Webinar - recycled nutrients in Organic Agriculture (FiBL, RELACS): How to recycle nutrients from human excreta

12 April 2021, 14h – 16h Paris summer time (CEST)
To register, contact: 

Treating wastewater: MagnaChem in CoMag and BioMag systems, LKAB Minerals

25 March 2021 (11h – 12h GMT), online - Website

Baltic Sea Day workshop on Smart water management, including HELCOM nutrient recycling

24 March 2021 (8h - 12h30 CET), online - Website

Phosphates 2021 (CRU)

Phosphates 2021 logo

23 - 25 March 2021, Online - Website

ESPP webinar on regulatory questions for nutrient recycling from waste-derived algae

22 March 2021, 09h00 -13h00 (Paris time, CET)

All slides and links to the video recording of the webinar can be found below

Embracing circularity in water treatment (Kemira, Wetsus)

March 18, 2021 (14h CET), online - Website
Registered users can watch later on the website

Webinar - recycled nutrients in Organic Agriculture (FiBL, RELACS): How to recycle nutrients from household wastes and the food industry

17 March 2021, 14h – 16h Paris time (CET)
To register, contact: 

Webinar - recycled nutrients in Organic Agriculture (FiBL, RELACS): Organic contaminants and other risks

11 March 2021, 10h -12h  Paris time (CET)
To register, contact: 

IFS agronomy webinar: Investigating nutrient interactions on arable crops

4 March 2021 14h00 CET - Website

Phosphorus: Past and Future (Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance webinar)

23 Feb 2021, 9h30 Arizona (17h30 Brussels time CET) - Website

IWA Resource Recovery cluster webinar “Circular Economy: Tapping the Power of Wastewater”

23 February 2021, 15h00 CET Paris time - Website 
Registration is free 

Phosphorus and climate change at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual Symposium

February 8 2021, 12h00 – 12h45 ET - Website

International Conference on Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation - Water and Raw Materials (ICGreenDeal2020) – online

14-16 December 2020 - Website

ESPP Webinar: Nutrients in EU Farm-to-Fork Policy

27 November 2020 - Register here - Programme

9h00 – 10h30 CET: Nutrients in EU Green Deal policies: from objectives to actions
11h30 – 12h30 CET: preparation of input to the Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan
14h-15h30 ESPP General Assembly (members only)

25th European Biosolids and Bioresources Conference

24 - 25 November 2020, Newcastle, England - Website
Call for papers deadline 18th May

2nd High Level Forum on Sustainable Plant Nutrition

19 - 20 November 2020, Kigali, Rwanda - Website

EU Materials Week 2020

16 - 20 November 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Contact 

Fertilisers derived from recycling in NW Europe and plant-available P from abattoir waste

10 November 2020, 14h00 CEST - Website

SYSTEMIC workshop nutrient recovery from anaerobic digestion and ESNI

26 - 27 October 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Website 

SYSTEMIC workshop nutrient recovery from anaerobic digestion

26 October 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Website 

Webinar: EU Regions & Cities Week - Recovered phosphorus from municipal wastewater

20 October 2020,  9h30-11h00 CEST - Website

European Wastewater Management Conference

13 - 14 October 2020, Manchester, UK - Website

Webinar on algae biofertilizers & biostimulants

7 October 2020, 9h30-17h30 CET - Website

EasyMining webinar on recycling sewage sludge to concrete (after P-removal)

2 October 2020, 9h - 11h - Website 

IFS webinar: Phosphorus (P) availability during the depletion of soil P

2 October 2020, 14h00 CEST - Website

4th annual North America Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance (webinar)

30 September – 1 October 2020Website
12h-15h ET (New York time)

Webinar on Nutrient recycling in the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBR – SuMaNu)

30 September 2020, 13h-15h30 CET - Website 

German Phosphorus Platform DPP: Forum on phosphorus recycling

24 September 2020, Frankfurt, Germany - German Phosphorus Platform DPP: Forum on phosphorus recycling - Website

VDI Conference on sewage sludge treatment (German Association of Engineers)

16 - 17 September 2020, Hamburg, Germany - Website

Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2020 (OP2020), From Land to Sea

7 - 11 September 2020, Björkliden, Northern Sweden - Website

Ireland Nutrient Platform webinar

3 September 2020 - Website 

European Biogas Conference (EBA)

2 - 3 September 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Include a session on nutrient recycling in digestate 

IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery (NRR) virtual conference

1 - 3 September 2020 - Website 

9th Sustainable Phosphorus Webinar – Managing P on your farm  

10 August 2020, 11h00 Central Standard Time (CST) – Website 

Webinar workshop on iron phosphate chemistry

logo fdblanc small

13 - 14 July 2020 (online) - Contact - Agenda - Event registration
Webinar workshop on iron phosphate chemistry applied to phosphorus stewardship and P-recovery in sediments, soil, agriculture, wastewater and recycling

SYSTEMIC GA and Project Meeting

23 - 25 June 2020, Kent, UK
The SYSTEMIC GA and Project Meeting is scheduled for 23-25 June 2020 hosted by RIKA Biofuels.

IWA Nutrient removal and recovery conference

15 June 2020, Virtual conference - Website

16th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries (RBB)

“Biobased solutions for climate change “
3 - 5 June 2020, Ghent, Belgium - Website

23rd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

31 May - 4 June 2020, Ningbo University, Zhejiang, China - Website 

IFS webinar “Acidification of manure and digestate: N emissions and crop available N”

27 May 2020, 15:00h Paris time - Website
Organised by International Fertilisers Society, open to non-members

IFS Technical Conference (International Fertiliser Society)

26 - 27 May 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Website  

IFS webinar “Life-Cycle Assessment of P-recovery from wastewater and phosphate rock”

13 May 2020, 15h Paris time - Website
Organised by International Fertilisers Society, open to non-members

8th Global Nitrogen Conference

3 - 7 May 2020, Berlin, Germany - Website 

4th Annual Phosphorus Forum

phos forum us

April 30 2020, Washington DC, USA - Website

EUBCE 2020

27 - 30 April 2020, Marseille, France - Website

BioRefine ESNI (European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative meeting)

23 April 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Website

Mineral Resources for Future Generations

2-3 April 2020, Aachen, Germany - Website

Water Europe workshop on resource recovery - Green Deal - waste status

19 March 2020, Brussels, Belgium

The Lex4Bio GA and Project Meeting

11 - 13 March 2020, Paris, France
The Lex4Bio GA and Project Meeting is scheduled for 11-13 March 2020, hosted by TIMAC AGRO, just after the CRU Phosphates Conference in Paris.

Phosphates 2020 conference

PHOS20 530 x 115
8 - 10 March 2020, Paris, France - Website

Nutrient Recovery from Sewage Residues

5 – 6 March 2020, Leipzig, Germany - Website

International Fertilizers Association Global Markets Conference

3 - 5 March 2020, Dubai - Website 

Webinar on “Phosphate in Our World: The Food and Non-Food Uses of Phosphates”

3 March 2020 10h00 (EST) = 16h00 Paris - Website
Produced by International Food Additives Council (IFAC) 

17th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry

26 - 28 February 2020, Rennes,  France - Website 

US SPA webinar “Food and Phosphorus”

February 18 2020 (10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST = 17h00 Paris time) - Website

ENG's 8th Annual Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry Summit

14 - 15 January 2020, Dusseldorf, Germany - Website
Scaling Sustainability Success Through Partnership and Collaboration

IFS Agronomic Conference 2019

12 - 13 December 2019, Cambridge, United Kingdom - Website

Phosphorus Recycling Expo

4 - 5 December 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany
Isle Utilities Horizon Scan of phosphorus recycling solutions and Technology Expo
More information: or

ManuREsource 2019 - Manure as a sustainable resource

27 - 29 November 2019, Hasselt, Belgium - Website

Soil and the SDGs: Challenges and need for action

25 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Soil and the SDGs conference is organised on behalf of the European Commission, and it is an opportunity for policy makers, public institutions, researchers, industry and civil society to come together to exchange knowledge and practices on the implementation in the EU of soil and land-related SDGs, and particularly the Land Degradation Neutrality target.

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference & Exhibition

19 - 20 November 2019, Manchester, United Kingdom - Website
banner European biosolids conference

EU Raw Material Week 2019

18 - 22 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
The fourth edition of the EU "Raw Materials Week" will take place from Monday 18 to Friday 22 November 2019, in Brussels. It builds upon a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. It will be a unique opportunity for the raw materials community to discuss and exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international cooperation, framework conditions, knowledge base etc.

New EU Fertiliser Regulation conference

23 October 2019, Warsaw, Poland

CLOOP Workshop

22 - 23 October 2019, Berlin, Germany

ESPP Exceptional General Assembly

10 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium
Information :

+++ ESPP workshop Wastewater phosphorus removal tomorrow: ambitions and reality

9 October 2019, Liège, Belgium - Website - Registration - Email
To discuss achieving low discharge consents, flexible permitting and phosphorus removal from small sewage works. In partnership / supported by: IWA, Eureau, ECSM, Université de Liège. To propose a presentation or stand contact
ESPP P removal workshop logos

Wetsus Congress 2019 Organizing Innovation

7 - 8 October 2019, Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Website

Fifth European Conference on Sludge Management (ECSM 2019)

6 - 8 October 2019, Liege, Belgium - Website
The day after ESPP organises a workshop Wastewater phosphorus removal tomorrow: ambitions and reality

Workshop on integrated sustainable nitrogen management

30 September - 2 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium, - Website
The European Commission and the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN) under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution are organising a workshop on integrated sustainable nitrogen management on 30 September and 1 October 2019.


26 September 2019, Frankfurt, Germany - Programme
Das diesjährige Forum findet unter dem Thema “Phosphor-Rückgewinnung: wie geht es weiter?!“ am 26. September 2019 im Mainhaus Stadthotel in Frankfurt am Main statt.

Sustainable Policy for Critical Raw Materials

25 September 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Organised by the Critical Raw Materials Alliance (CRM Alliance)

Nordic Waste Water Conference (Nordiwa) 2019

23 - 25 September 2019, Helsinki, Finland - Website

COMIFER RMT Fertilisers and Environment workshop on fertiliser management and circular economy for organic residues

19 September 2019, Paris, France - Website

Biogas workshop

18 September 2019, Ghent, Belgium - Website
The workshop ‘Biogas installations are the next generation refineries : energy & nutrient recovery from biobased residues & waste streams’ co-organised by the EBA and the BCE in the frame of the Systemic project, will focus on biogas plants as biorefineries for nutrient recycling, discussing the actual implementation that the SYSTEMIC project is carrying out at the different locations throughout Europe.

Nutri2Cycle Summer School Transition towards a more carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus efficient agriculture in Europe

16 - 19 September 2019, Ghent, Belgium - Website
The summer school will cover: Soil, fertilization and crop management practices for enhanced N&P efficiency and increased OC, Higher precision fertilisation, Bio-based fertilizers and novel animal feeds from agro-residues.

Founder Members Day Event

10 September 2019, Dublin, Ireland - Website
Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform's ‘Founder Members Day‘ event will take place on Tuesday 10 September 2019, at Buswells Hotel in Dublin, to facilitate discussions on pertinent aspects of the Platform such as governance, membership fee structure, business model, launch event and funding mechanisms beyond the EPA Research grant funding period. Founder membership offers stakeholders the opportunity to inform and shape the direction of the Platform moving forward, as well as logo placement on our website.

Dutch Nutrient Platform General Assembly

September 10 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands - Website
Dutch Nutrient Platform General Assembly, theme 'Soil and nutrients'

3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference (RR2019)

8 - 12 September 2019, Venice, Italy - Website
Including final conference of EU Horizon 2020 funded SMART-plant project

WRRmod2020: 7th IWA Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar

22 - 26 August 2019, Arosa, Switzerland - Website

Nutrient Removal and Recovery Symposium 2019

23 - 25 Juli 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Website

European Wastewater Management Conference (EWWM) 2019

16 - 17 July 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom - Website

International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW9)

8 - 12 July 2019, Zurich, Switzerland - Website
Theme "Putting phosphorus first? How to address current and future challenges". ESPP will give a presentation.

ENRD seminar Bioeconomy: Seizing the opportunity for rural Europe

3 July 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website

IWA Conference on Algal Technologies and Stabilisation Ponds for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

2 - 3 July 2019, Valladolid, Spain - Website

Pilots4U Final Event: Fast Forward the European Bio-economy

25 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website

10th IWA International Symposium on Waste Management Problems in Agro–Industries

19 - 21 June 2019, Rhodos, Greece - Website

16th International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analyses - Using tools to optimize plant production and quality: exploring the system approach

17 - 20 June 2019, Wageningen, Netherlands - Website

12th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse

16 - 20 June 2019, Berlin, Germany - Website

17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment

16 - 20 June 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece - Website - Email
With sessions on (1) Recycling and resource reuse as tools for efficient circular economy, and (2) Identifying critical nutrient emission zones in landscapes: a key for reducing eutrophication

19th Congress of EFPRA, the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association

12 - 15 June 2019, La Baule, France - Website

Waste management and Environmental Sustainability in EU- think green everyday

6 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Email

+++ 1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE)

5 - 6 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Registration - Website
Organised for the organic and organo-mineral fertilisers industry across Europe by ESPP, in partnership with IFS (International Fertiliser Society), back-to-back with IFS technical conference 4-5 June

SOFIE2019 logo

1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE)

5 - 6 June 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Organised for the organic* fertilisers industry across Europe by ESPP, in partnership with IFS (International Fertiliser Society), back-to-back with IFS technical conference 4-5 June

Conference 30 years of the Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations: time for a change?

4 June 2019, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website

15th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries

3 - 5 June 2019, Toulouse, France - Website

Fertilizer Europe event New Fertilizer Regulation: Where do we go?

28 May 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Email
Three central questions: (1) How to place a mineral fertilizer on the market? (2) What are the opportunities for marketing fertilizing products? (3) What are the implications for the value chain?

EUBCE 2019 - European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

27 - 30 May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal - Website

Regional Exchange and Learning event on Symbiosis in a Circular Economy: exploring solutions for improved water and nutrient governance

16 - 17 May 2019, Gdansk, Poland - Registration - Email - Website
BONUS RETURN project workshop will address some of the challenges for establishing agricultural and industrial symbiosis for enabling the upscaling of circular solutions in the Baltic Sea Region

ISDA event - Sustainable inputs to agricultural soils (in French)

14 - 16 May 2019, Paris, France - Website

Launch event Czech Republic Phosphorus Platform

14 - 15 May 2019, Brno, Czech Republic - Email

EU Green Week 2019 - Sustainable fertilisers: greener practices to be promoted by theupcoming Fertilising Products Regulation

13 - 17 May 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
ESPP will present at special session on the Fertilisers Regulation, nutrient recycling and new fertilisers, 16 May, 9:30-13:00. See programme here.

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Summit 2019

7 - 9 May 2019, Chicago, USA - Website

SPA Phosphorus Forum 2019

4 April 2019, Washington DC, USA - Website
Annual forum organized by the North America Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance (SPA).

Microplastics in Soils: Nothing to See Here?

?? May 2019, ???, United Kingdom? - Website

Phosphorus and beyond: Modelling, managing and regulating emerging contaminants in surface waters

30 April 2019, Manchester, United Kingdom - Website - Email 
Supported by and in cooporation with ESPP.

International VDI Conference - Sewage Sludge Treatment

9 - 10 April 2019, Antwerp, Belgium - Website

Launch event Italy National Phosphorus Platform

26 March 2019, Rome, Italy - Email
The platform will be coordinated by ENEA, upon delegation from the Italian Ministry of Environment

Phosphates 2019 conference

25 - 27 March 2019, Omni Orlando Resort, Florida, USA - Website
Exploring the supply and demand dynamics shaping the global phosphate markets
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ICL Fertilizers opening event for phosphorus recycling installations

7 March 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Information - Email
More information about this event here

World Resources Forum 2019

24 - 27 February 2019, Antwerp, Belgium - Website

European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative (ESNI) event

22 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium - Website
External kick-off of the Nutrient Recycling Community by BioRefine Cluster Europe. Various EU projects part of the Cluster will organize 3 parallel workshops, with due attention for the FP9 Mission Proposal towards nutrient recycling & circular economy.

European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative (ESNI) event

22 January 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
External kick-off of the Nutrient Recycling Community by BioRefine Cluster Europe. Various EU projects part of the Cluster will organize 3 parallel workshops, with due attention for the FP9 Mission Proposal towards nutrient recycling & circular economy.

SPA webinar The Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge

22 January 2019, Online, Global - Website

7th Annual Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry Summit

15 - 16 January 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Website

Nutrient Stewardship and Next-generation fertilisers workshop

15-19 December 2018, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef - Website

Nutrient Stewardship and Next-generation fertilisers workshop

15-19 December 2018, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef - Website

MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2018 Future Perspective of Minerals Production in the Circular Economy

11 - 12 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Registration

+++ ESPP science & stakeholder dialogue meeting on safety and sustainability of sewage biosolids use in agriculture

4 December 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Registration

French national conference on Circular Agriculture

29 November 2018, Vincennes (Paris), France - Website

European Mineral Fertilizer Summit 2018

28 - 29 November 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Website
With the session ‘Environmental Emphasis in EU Policy Reform’ taking place on the Wednesday (28th)

4th European Resources Forum

27 - 28 November 2018, Berlin, Germany - Website

Breakfast seminar on Soils and climate change mitigation

27 November 2018, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Email
Discuss and learn about the importance of healthy soil in mitigating climate change, securing clean water and building resilience in food production.

Seminar on reducing ammonia emissions from agriculture

26 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Organised by the INTERREG project Baltic Slurry Acidification

FE event Fertilizer Industry at the Crossroads between Nutrition and Energy

21 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Email 

International Conference Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2018

19 - 21 November 2018, Kalmar, Sweden - Website
ESPP will give a presentation about the platform and our activities

IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference 2018

18 - 21 November 2018, Brisbane, Australia - Website

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference 2018

13 - 14 November 2018, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website

EU Raw Materials Week 2018

12 - 16 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website

International Conference for Research on Phosphates and Derivatives

12 - 13 November 2018, Benguerir, Morocco - Website
Phosphate Days 2018 about fundamentals, processes and technologies at the UM6P Conference Center

+++ 3rd European Nutrient Event at ECOMONDO

8 - 9 November 2018, Rimini, Italy - Registration - Website - Email
Phosphorus and nutrient recycling and management in Italy, the Mediterranean region and in EU research, development and innovation. Free ECOMONO ticket included.

ECOMONODO 2018 Green and Circular economy

6 - 11 November 2018, Remini, Italy - Website

ECOMONDO 2018 green technology expo

6 - 9 November 2018, Rimini, Italy - Website
Including session on Integrated management and enhancement of secondary organic flows of urban origin

Event "Growing Media - the Foundation for a Greener Future"

5 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Flyer - Website - Email
Hosted by Franc Bogovic MEP and organised by Growing Media Europe.

EU Bioeconomy Conference (high level event)

22 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
The emerging bioeconomy is moving from research niche to market norm and Europe needs to maintain its current global leadership. The update of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy is a major European Commission wide policy initiative will be presented and discussed.

International Congress on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

17 - 18 October 2018, Karlsruhe, Germany - Website

Progress Manure and Digestate 2018 international conference

16 - 18 October 2018, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany - Website

Global Fertilizer Day 2018

13 October 2018, Worldwide - Website


29 - 30 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Programme - Registration - Email
PHORWÄRTS dissimination event “Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of phosphate recovery from wastewater path and phosphate rock based fertilizer production”
NEWFERT final workshop “Nutrient Recovery from bio-based waste for Fertilizer Industry”

WssTP Working Group Resource Recovery meeting at European Water Technology Week 2018

24 - 27 September 2018, Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Website - Email

European Water Tech Week (EWTW) Leeuwarden 2018

22 - 27 September 2018, Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Website

German Phosphorus Platofrm (DPP) Forum 2018 (in German)

19 September 2018, Franfurt am Main, Germany - Website - Registration - Email
Annual forum of the Germany Phosphorus Platform DPP, entitlted "Stoffstrommanagement – Verbringung, Vermarktung und Rahmenbedingungen für Klärschlamm, Wirtschaftsdünger und Rezyklate“

Mansholt Lecture 2018: Steps to Circular Food Systems

19 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
The Mansholt Lecture 2018 is held by professor Louise O. Fresco, President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research and two leading WUR scientists, professor Imke de Boer and professor Martin van Ittersum. They will present the five steps needed to enable a shift from a linear to a circular food system.

Horizon 2020 day for funding calls 2019 "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw  Materials"

11 - 12 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Information Day and brokerage event on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020, Challenge "Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials" - 2019 calls

6th Symposium of Phosphorus in Soils and Plants (PSP6)

10 - 13 September 2018, Leuven, Belgium - Website
This symposium will address the challenges of phosphorus scarcity in many terrestrial and agroecosystems as well as the challenges of managing excess phosphorus where such has occurred

+++ ESPP Fertilisers Regulations and STRUBIAS stakeholders meeting

5 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Programme - Registration - Email
ESPP will organise a stakeholder meeting to discuss (1) STRUBIAS (discussion of documents / preparation of input for the final STRUBIAS WFG meeting Seville end September), (2) Outstanding issues in the FRs and how to take forward “after” adoption of the Regulation, and (3) Implementation period for FRs, guidance, standards. Registration will be online soon.

+++ 6th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit (SPS2018)

20 - 22 August 2018, Brasilia, Brazil - Website
For the first time, the Summit will be held in Latin America, enabling a spotlight on the Tropics, where phosphorus sustainability is a big concern
SPS 2018

12th European Waste Water Management (EWWM) Conference

17 - 18 July 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom - Website
Including a theme on Phosphorus and Nutrient Removal and Recover, follow up of the Big P Conference 2017. 10% reduction for ESPP contacts - ask for code from ESPP.
EWWM logo

Workshop Sustainable Phosphorus Use in UK Agriculture

21 June 2018, Cranfield, United Kingdom - Website - Email
This workshop will bring various stakeholders together to look at opportunities to promote the sustainable use of phosphorus in UK agriculture.

3rd BioSC Spotlight: Phosphorus recovery and cycling for an independent and sustainable bioeconomy

15 June 2018, Aachen, Germany - Website

IWAMA workshop Nutrient recovery and reduction

14 June 2018, Kalmar, Sweden - Website - Email
ESPP will give a presentation. Organised by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region project IWAMA - Energy efficiency and sludge management in WWTP-s

+++ 3rd European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC3)

logo couleur fond blanc crop

11 - 13 June 2018, Helsinki, Finland

The 3rd European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC3), co-organised by Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) and ESPP, brought together nearly 300 participants from 30 countries, significantly increased from ESPC1 (Brussels 2013) and ESPC2 (Berlin 2015)

Sustainable Foods Summit 2018

7 - 8 June 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Website
The Dutch Nutrient Platform and ESPP will give a presentation about "Nutrient circular economy: challenges for food sustainability"

International Forum on Food and Nutrition 2018

6 June 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website

Inspiration Day Water Reuse Nutrient Recovery Energy Recovery

31 May 2018, Saint Omer, France - Website
The Start Conference of the Interreg 2 Seas NEREUS project. Presentations, demo cases and workshops

Conference on Water Technology & Circular Economy

30 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Organized by The Northern Netherlands, European Regions Research & Innovation Network and Wetsus

EU Policy workshop The road to an Urban Bioeconomy: barriers and solutions to closing the loop of bio-resources

28 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Jointly organized by the Urban Agenda partnership on Circular Economy, European Compost Network, Municipal Waste Europe and EUROCITIES

CEN stakeholders workshop on standards needs for sustainable chemicals in the circular economy (Invitation only)

24 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Email
Organized by the European Committee for Standardization

SPA Sustainable Phosphorus Webinar #4: Phosphorus Recovery from Water Resource Recovery Facilities

24 May 2018, Online - Website - Email
Join this Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance webinar for a discussion of the challenges and opportunities in harvesting phosphorus resources from wastewater streams

Sludge management in Circular Economy (SMICE) 2018

23 - 25 May 2018, Rome, Italy - Website - Email
With opening session keynote on Nutrient Recovery from Waste Water in the context of a circular economy. Organized by IWA.

+++ IFAT trade fair for sewage - waste - resources - phosphorus sessions

14 - 18 May 2018, Munich, Germany - Website
Including morning and afternoon special sessions on phosphorus by Run4Life, Germany Phosphorus Platform, Bavaria Ministry and ESPP.
IFAT logo

Phosphate market Webinar: Key questions facing the industry

19 April 2018, Online, Global - Website

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

19 - 20 April 2018, Berlin, Germany - Website

Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2018

24 March 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Website

+++ Phosphates 2018 conference

12 - 14 March 2018, Marrakesh, Morocco - Website
Gathering for decision-makers representing the fertilizer, feed and industrial phosphates industries.
PH18 530 115 FINAL v2

6th IWA/WEF Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar

10 - 14 March 2018, Quebec, Canada - Website

Conference Symbiosis and Circular Economy in fertilizers Are by-products a thing of the past? Unlocking the new fertilizer Regulation

7 March 2018, Brussels, Belgium - Flyer - Email - Registration
The morning session will highlight viewpoints from professionals working in industrial production and will present practical examples of symbiosis within different fertiliser industry sectors. The afternoon will feature EU decision makers in this area, and will include a panel debate which will aim to find a solution within the political spectrum on the use of byproducts and industrial symbiosis. Organized by Fertilizers Europe.

National Nutrient Reuse and Recovery Forum Canada

4 March 2018, Toronto, Canada - Email
ESPP will give a presentation. Organised by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and Environment Canada and Climate Change (ECCC). Webcasting available.

ECO-BIO 2018 conference

4 - 7 March 2018, Dublin - Ireland - Website
About progress and steps to make the biobased economy a reality

SPA Phosphorus Forum 2018

27 February 2018, Tempe, Arizona, USA - Website
Annual forum of the North America Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

UNEP online MOOC course on wastewater treatment and nutrient management “Source to Sea to Sustainability”

18 Februari - 16 April 2018, Online - Website - Email
Registration open to 17th February 2018 - free of charge.

Sustainable Development in the Food & Beverage Industry Summit

16 - 17 January 2018, Berlin, Germany - Website
ESPP will present and chair a special session on nutrients circular economy within the food & beverage industry
SDFB Conference

SusCritMat Sustianable Critical Raw Material Winter School

15 - 19 January 2018, Les Diablerets, Switzerland - Website

+++ ESPP stakeholder meeting Recycled nutrients in organic farming

12 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Registration - Email
In collaboration with IFOAM, European stakeholder meeting on potentials and challenges for use of recycled nutrient products in organic farming

+++ ESPP General Assembly 2017

11 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Email

Bio-based Industries Stakeholder Forum 2017

7 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Website

Course Phosphorus Removal and Tertiary Treatment Processes

7 December 2017, Wakefield, United Kingdom - Website
This course will review the design and operation of the main markets available for N and P removal technologies.

3rd International Conference on Global Food Security and Sustainability

3 - 6 December 2017, Cape Town, South Africa - Website

+++ ManuREsource 2017 - International conference on manure management and valorisation

27 - 29 November 2017, Eindhoven, Netherlands - Website - Email
 - Policy round table on processed manure in the Nitrates Directive
 - One-to-one meetings with Newtrient (www.newtrient.com/Catalog/Technology-Catalog ) to extend to Europe their catalogue of manure processing technologies and suppliers
  - Site visits to manure processing installations (29th November)
ManuResource 2017 banner

EU Commission water treatment BAT workshop

27-28 November 2017, Berlin, Germany - Email
In the frameworrk of the European Commission Best Available Techniques in industrial installations to improve water quality

Conference Phosphorus a critical resource with a future (in German)

22-23 November 2017, Stuttgart, Germany - Website

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference & Exhibition

20 - 21 November 2017, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website
Conference for the biosolids and biowaste industries

+++ Sustainable Phosphorus Webinar #3: Extreme Climate, Extreme Phosphorus

16 November 2017, Online, Global - Website

Symposium Resource Recovery, Just Do It?

9 November 2017, Wageningen, Netherlands - Website - Email

Sustainable Food and Beverage Conference Manufacturing 2017

7 November 2017, Coventry, United Kingdom - Website
ESPP presenting “Nutrients: the foundation of food sustainability” 10h30 in the Food Sustainability Seminar
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EU Raw Materials Week 2017

6 - 10 November 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Email
Organized by the European Commission, DG Growth, with side events organized by other organizations. You can add you event by email. See the website for an up to date event list. Nutrient relevant events are:
- 7 Nov.: EU critical raw materials event
- 8 Nov.: 5th annual high level conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials
- 9 Nov.: Horizon 2020: societal challenge 5 info day & and brokerage event
              EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base event in support of EU raw materials policy

Conference Strategic Materials in a Low-Carbon World: from scarcity to availability

2 - 3 November 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom - Website - Email
Organized by the Veolia Institute, including a session on the role of phosphates as a strategic material in a low carbon world.

World Resources Forum 2017 - Accelerating the resource revolution

24 - 25 October 2017, Geneva, Switzerland - Website

Conference Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

22 - 25 October 2017, Tampa, Florida, USA - Website

+++ European Nutrient event - R&D

18 - 19 October 2017, Basel, Switzerland - Website - Programme - Registration
Nutrient event Nutrient recycling R&D projects and technologies meeting including technology fair
18 Oct: FHNW, DPP and Phos4You meeting "Sludge and phosphorus recycling in Switzerland and beyond (German, English translation)
19 Oct: ESPP and Phos4You meeting EU (H2020, LIFE, InterReg) and national funded R&D projects on nutrient recycling (English)

Global Fertilizer Day 2017

13 October 2017, Worldwide - Website

NORDIWA - Nordic Waste Water Conference

10 - 12 October 2017, Aarhus, Denmark - Website 
Potential phosphorus session is planned, check for an update

European Waste Water Management Conference 2017

3 - 4 October 2017, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website

IFDC and IFA workshop Phosphate Fertilizer Production Technology

2 - 6 October 2017, Berlin, Germany - Website

LIFE programme event Funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment

26 September 2017, Porto, Portugal - Programme
Technical event organised in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership on Water conference 2017

+++ German Phosphorus Platform (DPP) FORUM 2017 (in German)

12 September 2017, Berlin, Germany - Website
National conference of the German Phosphorus Platform with a focus on how to get phosphorus recycling to the market

SAVE THE DATE: European Recycling technology day

In the week 11 - 15 September 2017, Basel, Switzerland - Email
FHNW and ESPP invite research projects, networks and tech providers to shape the European agenda in the country where phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge and meat and bone meal is obligatory.

+++ Swiss information event P-Mining Project Canton Zurich

6 September 2017, Zurich, Switzerland - Email - Information French - Information German
Results from the micro-pilot phase will be presented and information about the actual work and an outlook will be provided

ECN Biowaste in the Circular Economy workshop

6 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Programme - Website - Email
Discussing the current legislative process and practical experiences on the implementation of seperate collection of biowaste in different types of European countries

+++ ESPP meeting EU Fertiliser Regulation and STRUBIAS

5 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Programme - Registration
Stakeholder meeting on EU Fertiliser Regulation developments and biochar, struvite and ash-products criteria

17th International RAMIRAN conference 'Sustainable utilization of manures and residue resources in agriculture'

4 - 6 September 2017, Wexford, Ireland - Website - Email
RAMIRAN (Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network) is a research and expertise network dealing with environmental issues relating to the use of livestock manure and other organic residues in agriculture.

Swiss event Phosphorus: how to proceed (French/German)

30 August 2017, Bern, Switzerland - Website French - Website German
Meeting by Swiss Federal Agriculture and Environment offices to present revised Swiss Fertiliser Regulation requirements.

Sustainable Phosphorus Webinar #2 Promises and Perils of Water Quality Trading

24 August 2017, Online, Global - Website
Organized by the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance of North America

SERA-17 Meeting 2017

15 - 17 August 2017, Ohio, USA - Website
Focus on developing and promoting innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture

2nd IWA Resource Recovery conference

5 - 9 August 2017, New York, USA - Website - Email
2nd International Water Association conference on resource recovery from wastewater

+++ SMART-Plant research project launch

11 - 13 July 2017, Severn Trent Water, Coventry, United Kingdom - Website
Launch meeting of the EU funded SMART-Plant research project

N8 AgriFood Food Production for the Future conference

11 - 13 July 2017, Durham, United Kingdom - Website

+++ The BIG Phosphorus Conference and Exhibition – Removal & Recovery

4 - 5 July 2017, Manchester United Football Stadium, United Kingdom - Website
The event is supported by the UKWIR National Phosphorus Trials steering group and the National Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP) Phosphorus Steering Group
Big P Conference banner

PBSi 2017 - International Conference On Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon

3 - 5 July 2017, Paris, France - Website

International Fertiliser Society (IFS) Technical Conference 2017

29 - 30 June 2017, Geological Society, London, United Kingdom - Website

+++ LIFE TL-BIOFER technical workshop nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater

28 June 2017, Cordoba, Spain - Email - Website
Short presentations from European Projects related to Water and Microalgae are welcome.

+++ LIFE-Trialkyl research project mid term conference

27 June 2017, Milan, Italy - Registration - Website
The project and workshop focus on sustainable phosphorus chemistry, including a pilot plant visit

International conference Innovative solutions for sustainable management of nitrogen

26 - 28 June 2017, Aarhus, Denmark - Website

The Raw Materials Conference 2017 - No energy transition without raw materials

23 June 2017, The Hague, Netherlands - Contact
Organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

+++ All Ireland Phosphorus Sustainability workshop and conference Microbial Resources for Agricultural and Food Security

21 - 23 June 2017, Belfast, Ireland - WebsiteContact - Flyer
Starts with a 1 day workshop on ‘Irish phosphorus sustainability’ to establish the need for an Irish nutrient platform, and First conference of the Ireland EPA funded project "Phosphorus from wastewater: Novel technologies for advanced treatment and reuse".

Kick-off meeting SYSTEMIC EU research project

13 - 14 June 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands - Registration
Start meeting of this project focussing on largescale demonstration projects for recovery of nutrients from manure and sewage sludge

Kick-off meeting SYSTEMIC EU research project

13-14 June 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands - Registration
Start meeting of this project focussing on largescale demonstration projects for recovery of nutrients from manure and sewage sludge

+++ ENRD seminar Opportunities and future perspectives for Resource Efficiency in Rural Areas

13 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Final seminar of the Thematic Group Resource Efficiency of the European Commission European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

WEF Nutrient Symposium 2017

12 - 14 June 2017, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA - Website

World Circular Economy Forum 2017

5 - 6 June 2017, Helsinki, Finland - Website

Sustainable Foods Summit 2017

1 - 2 June 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Website

R3Water final conference

30 May 2017, Brussels, Belgium - Website 
With a focus on "Water in the circular economy – innovations for urban water treatment"

International interdisciplinary conference on land use and water quality (LuWQ2017)

29 May - 1 June 2017, Den Haag, Netherlands - Website

+++ Phosphorus FORUM of the North America Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance (SPA)

19 May 2017, Washington DC, USA - Website - Registration - Email
Organised by the former North American Partnership for Phosphorus Sustainability (NAPPS)
PhosphorusConf2017 banner final NoURL

Dresden Nexus Conference Water Soil and Waste

17 - 19 May 2017, Hanover, Germany - Website

Sustainable Phosphorus Research Coordination Network (P RCN) workshop

16-18 May 2017, Washington DC, USA - Website - Registration

19th International Conference on Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems

14 - 15 May 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Website

Netherlands political seminar Circular with phosphate (in Dutch)

12 May 2017, Amersfoort, Netherlands - Website
The Dutch Nutrient Platform and the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform will give a presentation

Waste-to-Resources 2017 conference

16 - 18 May 2017, Hanover, Germany - Website
Conference and exhibition on mechanical biological waste treatment (MBT/AWT), waste sorting and recycling technology

Event Challenges in sustainable use of phosphorus (Slovenia)

10 May 2017, Maribor, Slovenia - Website - Contact
Special sustainable phosphorus session at the 26th International Expert Meetting Power Engineering 2017

SYMPHOS - International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry

8 - 10 May 2017, Ben Guerir, Morocco - Website
10th "Phosphates" event, the premier gathering for decision-makers for the fertilizer, feed and industrial phosphates industries, with 400 participants

Strippers and Scrubbers event - the fight for nitrogen recovery, recycling and removal

27 April 2017, Leeds, United Kingdom - Website - Email
This one-day event will investigate the options for managing ammonium and seeks to bring together key stakeholders interested in advancing recovery, recycling and removal techniques.

The Sustainability Consortium Summit 2017

18 - 20 April 2017, Washington, USA - Website

COMIFER workshop Recycled phosphorus in agriculture

11 April 2017, Paris, France - Registration
COMIFER (France fertilizer industry, www.comifer.asso.fr) workshop on recycled phosphorus in agriculture: potential, products, quality, regulation

Phosphates conference 2017

13 - 15 March 2017, Tampa, Florida - website
Phosphates 2017 530 115

Biosgas Expo & Congress 2017

8 - 9 February 2017, Offenburg, Germany - website

ABWASSER.PRAXIS expo & congress

25 - 26 January 2017, Offenburg, Germany - website
The congress will be held in German and French. Please see the exhibitor information and registration form (in German).

Decadmiation seminar

25 January 2017, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium - Email
This seminar about removing cadmium from fertilizers is organized by ENVIRONMENT rapporteur Elisabetta Gardini and Fertilizers Europe.

IFS Agronomic Conference

8 - 9 December 2016, Cambridge, United Kingdom - Website
International Fertiliser Association conference including a panel discussion on the new EU Fertilizer Regulation.

MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference Minerals Policy and Governance in Europe

2 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website

ESPP General Assembly on phosphorus innovation and stewardship in the chemicals industry

1 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Registration
New phosphorus chemistry applications in industry – phosphorus in energy storage and renewable energy technologies – recycling phosphorus in plastics, fire safety equipment – green phosphorus chemistry - recovering phosphorus to P4 or high-grade uses.

EU Raw Materials Week

28 November - 2 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website
First edition will gather a wide range of stakeholders to debate and discuss raw materials policy and initiatives.

Smart Fertilization Day

25 November 2016, Wageningen, Netherlands - Programme - Website

Seminar Circular Economy in Agriculture

24 November 2016, Paris, France - website

Sustainability of Mineral Resources and the Environment

21 - 22 November 2016, Bratislava, Slowakia - Website

World Toilet Day 2016

19 November 2016, Globally - website 
World Toilet Day is about the 2.4 billion people who lack access to improved sanitation ... and nutrient recycling and food security.

Seminar Circular bioeconomy in animal production

16 November 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Event organised by the Animal Task Force of the European Public-Private Platform promoting sustainable and competitive livestock farming in Europe.

R3Water workshop Innovations for water reuse, valuables recovery and resource efficiency

16 November, Barcelona, Spain - Email - Website

European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference

15 - 16 November 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom - website 
Europe’s conference for the biosolids and biowaste industries.

DPP FORUM New approaches for nutrient recovery from manure and wastewater

11 November 2016, Berlin, Germany 
General meeting (English) of the German Nutrient Platform (Deutsche Phosphor-Plattform, DPP) - Website

Conference Resilience Emerging from Scarcity and Abundance

6 - 7 November 2016, Phoenix, Arizona, USA - website
ASA, CSSA, and SSSA annual meeting 2016.

Nordic water federations conference: Phosphorus a limited resource - closing the loop

27 - 28 October 2016, Malmo, Sweden (near Copenhagen) - website
This conference with a focus on phosphorus recycling in a circular economy perspective is organized by the Danish Waste and Ressource Network Denmark (DAKOFA), Swedish Waste Management Association (Avfall Sverige) and the Norwegian Waste Management and Recycling Association (Avfall Norge).

ESPP workshop Pharmaceuticals in sewage biosolids

27 October 2016, Malmo, Sweden - Information - Programme - Registration
Workshop on “Pharmaceuticals and organic chemicals in sewage biosolids: questions for recycling”, Malmö (near Copenhagen) 27th October 8h00 – 12h00, in cooperation with the Nordic Phosphorus Conference, 27th October (12h00) – 28th 13h30 (same venue).

Forum on Fertilizers and Nutrients for Growth

19 October 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Programme and registration
Fertilizers Europe event about the new EU Fertilizer Regulation and ETS: agriculture and effort Sharing

10th European Waste Water Management Conference & Exhibition

11 - 12 October 2016, Manchester, United Kingdom - website 
10th European Waste Water Management Conference & Exhibition. Abstract deadline - 1 April 2016

Constructed Wetland Association 12th Annual Conference

11 - 12 October 2016, Manchester, United Kingdom - website 
Developments in wetland technologies for control of wastewater and diffuse pollution. Run alongside the European Wastewater Management Conference

Workshop From bio-waste to bio-based products: the potential for regional innovation development

11 October 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website
Workshop during the European Week of Regions and Cities

Joint DG ENV & TFRN workshop: Towards joined-up nitrogen guidance for air, water and climate co-benefits

11 - 12 October 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website - Information

Wetsus Congress 2016

3 - 4 October 2016, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands - website
Financing Innovation in Sustainable Water Technology.

Save the Date!

3.-4. October 2016, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

More information will follow

Save the Date!

3.-4. October 2016, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

More information will follow

Conference Promoting the Circular Economy Package: Towards a Sustainable Future in Europe

29 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Website

International seminar on slurry acidification

28 - 29 September 2016, Vejle, Denmark (nearby Billund Airport) - website
Danish Environmental Protection Agencyseminar on slurry acidification as an ammonia reducing technology.

European Biogas Association Conference 2016

27 - 29 September 2016, Gent, Belgium - website

CIWEM conference on New Developments in Sustainable Phosphorus Management: Taking the P out of Pollution

27 September 2016, London, United Kingdom - website 
In association with the Waste Water Management Panel of the Charted Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

Biogas-E TransBio Summer School

26 - 30 September 2016, Ghent, Belgium - website 
The programme covers advances in biogas technology: from sustainable input, over conversion process to energy and end-product valorization. The Summer School is scheduled from September 26-30 and fully includes the EBA conference.

European Mineral Fertilizer Summit 2016

14 - 15 September 2016, London, United Kingdom - Information and registration - Program

COOPERL Manure recycling forum

13 September 2016, Rennes, France - Programme - Registration
COOPERL international workshop on pig manure treatment and nutrient management. This workshop is paralet to the SPACE International Livestock Production Trade Show.

8th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW8), Phosphorus 2020 - Challenge for synthesis agriculture & ecosystem

12 - 16 September 2016, Rostock, Germany - wesbite - flyer

EcoPhos Technophos factory site visit

8 - 9 September 2016, Varna, Black Sea, Bulgaria - website 
New process now operational for phosphorus recovery from ash and from low grade rock.

International Organic Phosphorus Workshop 2016

5 - 9 September 2016, Windermere, Lake District, United Kingdom - website

ATF-EAAP Special session “Animal production, the Key in a European sustainable circular Bioeconomy

29 August 2016, Belfast, Ireland - Website
EAAP annual meeting, in collaboration with the European Public-Private Platform Animal Task Force.

21-24 August 2016, Szeged, Hungary


more informations will follow on the website of the conference

Biogas Science 2016

21 - 24 August 2016, Szeged, Hungary 
More informations will follow on the website of the conference.

21-24 August 2016, Szeged, Hungary


more informations will follow on the website of the conference

5th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit 2016 (SPS 2016)

16 - 20 August 2016, Kunming, Yunnan, China - website 
SPS 2016 will define the global phosphorus research priority agenda, integrating phosphorus-related issues across scales, geographical regions and scientific domains.

PHORWater LIFE+ final conference

14 July 2016, Madrid, Spain - website
Struvite recovery and P-recovery regulation workshop

Workshop Enabling nutrient recovery at WRRFs

10 July 2016, Denver, Colorado, USA - Information
At the WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2016 conference ESPP will lead an opening plenary session on "Closing the loop for P success stories".

WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery conference

NRR 2016 logo 18 5 16

10 - 13 July 2016, Denver, Colorado, USA - website
WEF/IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2016 conference: Advances in Process Intensification, Resource Extraction, and Reuse. Opening plenary session on P-recovery success stories presented by ESPP 11th July. Workshop on Nutrient Recovery at WWTPs 10th July.

ENRD seminar Changing our Mindsets - Seizing opportunities in the Green Economy

1 July 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Information - Registration 
The seminar is part of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) work for the European Commission where the main objective is ‘To maximise the impact that Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) have on promoting the transition to a green economy in rural areas’.

PHORWater struvite workshop and plant visit

30 June 2016, Logrono (La Rioja), Spain - website
Struvite recovery workshop and PHORWater LIFE+ and pilot plant visit

ESPP Fertiliser Regulation meeting

29 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium - Information - Registration: 
ESPP discussion of prop
osed revision of the Fertiliser Regulation text, application to recovered nutrient products, composts, digestates.

27.-29. June 2016, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

Download here the first call for papers



1st International Conference on Efficiency Improvement in Water and Wastewater Treatment

27 - 29 June 2016, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom - website
Download here the call for papers

SludgeTech 2016

27 - 29 June 2016, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom - website

23 June 2016, Paris, France

UNIFA conference "Economie circulaire et fertilisation: la bonne équation pour lutter contre le changement climatique!".
See the programme.



22 - 23 June 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

This European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability' seminar intends to bring the community together and give the opportunity to people launching or conceiving new data driven businesses to have their ideas discussed, tested and enriched while meeting other members of the community. Also the seminar will reflect on how agricultural and rural development policy can support the data revolution for an enhanced productivity and sustainability in the wide agri-food sector (diverse sectors, farm types and production systems).

More information and registration


22 - 23 June 2016, Vienna, Austria

NEWFERT consortium consists of a multidisciplinary team. It is designed in order to recover NPK nutrients from biobased waste for fertiliser production, bringing together 6 partners from 4 European Union member countries (Spain, Germany, France and Austria).
More info about the project: www.newfert.org

More information and registration for the meeting, send an email to:
Christian Kabbe -
Ludwig Hermann -


21 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This meeting will be held one day before the Water Innovation Europe 2016 - Water Smart!, 21 - 23 June, Brussels

For more information send an email to


21 - 23 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This three day conference will feature the 3rd edition of WssTP Water Innovation SME Awards and will mark the launch of the new WssTP Water Vision 2030 and the new WssTP Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda 2030 (WssTP SIRA 2030). WssTP annual stakeholders' conference is offering an open platform for constructive discussions and extensive networking opportunities among the key stakeholders of the European water sector.

Registration and information: http://www.waterinnovationeurope.eu


17 June, Amersfoort, Netherlands

ESPP meeting on struvite regulation: recovered struvite REACH registration exemption, REACH dossier update, struvite in the EU Fertiliser Regulation revision, update on struvite fertiliser testing research



16 June 2016, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Meet European struvite recovery operators willing to share their practical experience and learn more about running recovery technologies. This workshop will be linked to the official commissioning of the first WASSTRIP/PEARL/LYSOTHERM facility in the world.



14 June 2016, Kupferzell, Germany

Presentation of an innovative pilot plant for manure valorisation as fertilisers and organic soil improvers



IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

13 - 16 June 2016, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

With special attention for nutrients on Wednesday 15 June in Session 2: “Circular economy - Recovery of water, energy and nutrients“.





9 - 10 June 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Sustainable ingredients, food waste and marketing developments will be featured in this European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit. Like previous editions, the summit will bring together leading organisations involved in eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry.



9 - 10 June 2016, Munich, Germany. Program available here.
You can register via:



7 - 9 June 2016, Malmö, Sweden



6 - 9 June 2016, Las Vegas, USA 



5 - 10 June 2016, Kazan, Russia

All fields of Phosphorus Chemistry will be considered, from fundamental to applied areas, including multidisciplinary approaches and related areas of other sciences. An exciting program of oral and poster presentations will be featured, including lecture from the Laureate-2015 of the International Arbuzovs Prize. School-Conference for PhD students and Post-Docs “Rational Design of Phosphorus Substances with Desired Properties” will be held in the frame of the Conference.



1 June 2016, Paris, France

The WssTP Working Groups Nano4Water and WG Membrane Innovation and Education for Water are organising a Workshop: “Nano-materials and related membrane technologies for water: resource recovery and recycling". More information and registration:



30 - 31 May 2016, Ghent, Belgium

During this 3-day conference, delegates from university, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations and venture capital providers will present their views on industrial biotechnology, sustainable (green) chemistry and agricultural policy related to the use of renewable raw materials for non-food applications and energy. For the session 'Nutrient & energy Cycling', abstracts are accepted for both oral & poster presentation until February 29, 2016.



30 May - 3 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This event tries to contribute to answering a broader question of how to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. Elements such as, for example, innovation for greener cities, sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems or the role of innovative instruments in mobilising adequate financing and 'blue growth' would naturally fit into the programme. For more details contact



30 May - 3 June 2016, Munich, Germany

World's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management



25 - 28 May 2016, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Download here the call for papers.



12 May 2016, Lyon, France

Struvite recovery workshop organized by the PHORWater project on Integral Management Model for Phosphorus recovery and reuse from Urban Wastewater



5 - 7 May 2016, Shanghai, China

Asia's leading trade fair for environmental technology solutions: water, waste, air and soil



3 May 2016, 10:00 - 15:30, Brussels, Belgium

Fertilizers Europe Conference “Opportunities in the EU nutrient legislation: what to look out for”.
Program can be found here.

Deadline for registration 13 April 2016 via


3 - 4 May 2016, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport, Ireland

See the Event flyer and the Sponsorship Opportunities flyer for more informations



22 April 2016, 10:00 - 17:15, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands

This conference is organized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Centre of Expertise on Resources and representatives from Dutch industry. The conference will explore how Europe can further strengthen, and improve information compilation and exchange systems on raw materials with businesses, science and research institutes, as well as governments. The aim is to present a proposal for a platform that will enhance the compilation and exchange of information, on the need for, and availability of raw materials. The European Commission started a few years ago assessing the security of rare earth supply. The organizers would like to see this initiative expanded for all relevant European raw materials (including organic materials) on a continuous basis. Confirmed key note speakers:
Hans de Boer, President of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW)
Dirk Jan Koch: Special Envoy on Natural Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more info


21 April 2016, Den Haag, Netherlands

Inspired by the recent report of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, entitled "Towards a Food Policy", the EESC's Various Interests Group will hold an extraordinary meeting at the Dutch Economic and Social Council (Sociaal-Economische Raad/SER) in The Hague.

Program here
Registration here


20 April 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Opportunities to recycle nutrients can be found almost anywhere - from field margins to pipelines of wastewater purification plants. Innovations are being created and Finland is firmly committed to making progress as a model country in nutrient recycling. Come and meet top international experts to learn about new ways of recycling nutrients. The Finish government is launching a three-year experimental and piloting programme for nutrient recycling with a total funding of 12.4 million euros.

Registration now open and program online.
You can present your experiments and experiences in nutrient cycling on the Forum of Solutions.


14 April 2016, 09:00 – 14:00, NH Utrecht, Netherlands

This event is organised in the framework of the EU-funded project BioSTEP that aims to promote a participative governance of the European bioeconomy through the engagement of stakeholders and citizens. In the context of the 4th BioEconomy Stakeholders’ Conference and as a follow up to the BioSTEP’s stakeholder consultation carried out in November and December 2015, BioSTEP will organise a policy workshop, to which relevant stakeholders will be invited in order to discuss existing policy challenges related to the future development of the European bioeconomy and potential policy measures to address them.



12 - 13 April 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands

BioEconomy Utrecht 2016, the fourth BioEconomy Stakeholders’ Conference, will take place on 12-13 April 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, under the auspices of the Dutch EU Presidency. The event is co-organised by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the European Commission. The conference is an action under the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and as such also serves as an important input to the future orientation of the European Bioeconomy Strategy, which will be reviewed and evaluated in 2016.



12 - 13 April 2016, Uppsala, Sweden

This conference will discuss the state of the knowledge on pharmaceuticals, their environmental effects and how to reduce the release of pharmaceuticals to the water – both internationally and domestically. The topics will cover the lifecycle of pharmaceuticals looking at the three major points of release to the environment: Production, usage and disposal.



6 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

EBA workshop dedicated to discussing the bio-based sector and the use of digestate for a sustainable agriculture, within the frame of the Circular Economy



5 April 2016, Utrecht, Netherlands

Stakeholder workshop about micronutrient management for improving harvests, farmers’ incomes, human nutrition, and the environment.

For program and registration: http://knowledge4food.net/event/micronutrients-workshop


3 - 6 April 2016, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



22 March 2016, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, United Kingdom



21 March 2016, 9:30 - 17:00, Albert Borschette Conference Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Business & pratitioners workshop organized by the European Commission. This workshop is aimed at private as well as public stakeholders involved in Circular Economy and will be an occasion to get a better understanding about practical tools to participate in the Investment Plan. The European Fund for Strategic Investment has a huge potential to contribute to the modernisation of the European companies but its success depends on the industrial participation. Experts from the European Commission and European Investment Bank will answer your questions, and company representatives will share their experiences in participating in the Investment Plan. In case you are considering obtaining financing form the EIB you will also have an opportunity to hold a bilateral meeting with an EIB expert. Second part of the day will be dedicated to the legal barriers which prevent investment in the Circular Economy. As part of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the European Commission has been analysing legal challenges and obstacles for investment and  innovation in Circular Economy. The workshop will give an occasion to discuss the preliminary findings with the authors of the study and share your own experience.

Registration till end of Februari. You can pre-register and flag your possible interest in an individual meeting with the EIB expert following the link:

For more questions please contact:


21 - 22 March 2016, Milan, Italy

This seminar will be given in two session: (1) Manure processing and treatment of agricultural effluents (March 21) and (2) Improved Nutrient and Energy management through Anaerobic Digestion (March 22). In session 1, technologies and measures to mitigate nitrogen nutrient pressure will be discussed, as well as Environmental Impact Assessment and suitable measures at the level of water courses, including added eco-services. Session 2 will focus on the central role that anaerobic digestion can play as a third processing pillar for modern agriculture, next to plant and animal production. The session will deal with topics ranging from sustainable input, over conversion process to energy & end-product valorization.

More information:


17 March 2016, Ghent, Belgium

Joint conference of the INEMAD and GR3 partners to present the results of these two projects. Common ground of the two projects is the production of biogas from agricultural or municipal residues. Where GR3 is mainly looking at the supply chain to support the use of grass clippings for biogas production, INEMAD is looking at agricultural inputs to produce biogas and biobased fertilizers.



16 - 17 March 2016, Seville, Spain

This conference is organized by the Circular Economy Foundation and ACR+. Concrete cases from all over Europe will demonstrate a selection of good practices on circular economy and governance at national, regional or local level.



15 March, Brussels, 10h30 - 16h00.

Working meeting on draft criteria for "biochars" for revised EU Fertilsier Regulation. See draft criteria proposal under http://www.phosphorusplatform.eu/regulatory Contact ESPP if you wish to participate


13 - 15 March 2016, Paris, France



9 - 10 March 2016, Berlin, Germany


1st circular ICPSC2 Berlin


7 - 10 March 2016, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany



3 - 4 March 2016, Zagreb, Croatia

Round table to discuss new reuse options for phosphogypsum. Working Group Meeting of the European COST network ‘NORM4Building’ (www.norm4building.org) for the reuse of by-products from several industrial sectors in newly developed construction materials. Registration per email:

More info: http://norm4building.org/?tribe_events=2064


15 - 16 February 2016, DIAMANT conference centre, Brussels, Belgium

DYNAMIX – POLFREE Joint Final Conference

DYNAMIX ‐ Decoupling Economic Growth from Resource Use and its Environmental Impacts

COBALT – Awareness Building, Learning and Knowledge Transfer on Sustainable Use of Raw Materials



10 February 2016, Leeuwarden, Netherlands




9 February 2016, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

EIP Water Action Group ARREAU (Accelerating Resource Recovery from the Water Cycle) members meeting



31. January - 3. February 2016, Indian Wells, California



25 - 26 January 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

More informations here.

25. - 28. January 2016, Jacksonville, USA



15-19 Januar 2016, Arizona, USA


15. - 24. January, Berlin, Germany



14-18 December 2015, San Francisco, AGU (Am. Geophysical Union) Conference, Workshop on ‘Human alteration of the P cycle’



10.-11. December 2015, Robinson College, Cambridge, UK



2-4 December 2015, Ghent, Belgium



2 December 2015, Science14 Atrium in Brussels

See the programme here.



25-26 Nov., 2015 Berlin, Germany



23.- 24. November 2015, The Diamant Centre, Brussels


see the programme

21-24 August 2016, Szeged, Hungary


more informations will follow on the website of the conference

18-19 November 2015, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Meeting to promote innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture



17 November 2015, Toledo School of Gastronomy, Spain

Workshop: complete valorisation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste

further information (in Spanish)

17. November 2015, Minneapolis, USA



15-18 Nov. 2015, Minneapolis, US  www.acsmeetings.org
Including session ‘Tracking Legacy Phosphorus in Lakes and Rivers’ scisoc.confex.com


10-12 November 2015, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 



9-11 Nov, 2015 Manchester, UK




2.-3. November 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands

Peace and Cooperation in Times of climate Change and Global Environmental Challenges (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)



2-6 November 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

3 Nov. morning Netherlands Nutrient Platform / ARREAU P-recovery workshop



30 October 2015, Berlin, Germany

Flyer-Eng / Flyer-Deu



27. October 2015, Brussels



19 October 2015, Brussels

To participate contact


14 October, 2015 Brussels, European Commission DG GROW workshop: Sustainable chemicals production as an example of the circular economy (a contribution to the reindustrialisation of EU regions and municipalities)

http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/opendays/od2015/register.cfm then “Register Now" then use “search”


13. October 2015, Brussels
Organised by Interreg Europe in the framework of the 2015 Open Days event.



12-13 October 2015, Manchester UK



11-14 October 2015, Ithaca, New York, USA



5-6 October 2015, Frankfurt, Germany

Session on P-recovery and use


5-8 October 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany, CMM (Materials Processes Systems)


1-2 October 2015, Vienna University of Technology, Austria



28-30 Sept. 2015, Wexford, Ireland



30 August - 2 September 2015, Ghent, Belgium