Regulatory develoments on manure recycling

24 November 2021, 16h – 17h30 CET, Webinar


Opening by Ludwig Hermann, ESPP President (3 minutes)
Webinar objectives: identify dossiers for joint action, where data collection is needed, define how to take forward.

Overview and perspectives of manure regulatory challenges
Romke Postma, Laura van Scholl, NMI-AGRO Netherlands (5 minutes)

EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR)
Context: (2 minutes): FPR status & date of entry into force, EU FRP and national fertilisers. Identification of currently outstanding questions for manure: post processing digestates, ABPs in digestates and composts, ABPs in STRUBIAS, CMC-WW (ammonia recovery).

Agenda point 1 = Post-processing of digestate in FPR (15 minutes), including solid liquid separation, drying and concentration, which are currently EXCLUDED from the EU Fertilising Products Regulation (CMCs 4 and 5). Update from 22-23 November Fertilisers Expert Group. 
Questions and discussion

Agenda point 2 = Animal By-Products (ABPs) in FPR (20 minutes). How the ABP End-Point works in the FPR (ref. FAQ 8.14) – examples: untreated manure, digestate which has achieved ABP End-Point...
Discussion of ABPs in FPR - composts and digestates
- Ash derived products
- Biochars- pyrolysis – gasification materials
- Precipitated phosphates

Animal Feed Regulation

Agenda point 3 (20 minutes).
Arnaud Bouxin, FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation) – user industry considerations regarding recovery of nutrients from waste streams in animal feed.
Apparent exclusion of any form of processed manure, including N, P or K chemicals extracted from manure or manure ashes, under Regulation 767/2009, Art. 6.1. 
Questions and discussion

Recovered nitrogen

Agenda point 4 (15 minutes)
Introduction Tiffanie Stephani, Yara. Relevant routes, processes and end-uses.
CMCWW (now CMC15) in FPR – Animal Feed Regulation (as above). Need for data on safety. 
Questions and discussion

Agenda point 5 = other ongoing dossiers (10 minutes)
Algae grown in manure (or manure digestate) substrate: End-of-Waste, ABP End-Point, FPR
- Manure derived products in  Organic Farming
EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) study underway into Circular Economy and the food system
 Questions and discussion