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INCOPA is the European Inorganic Coagulants Producers Association, and is a sector group of Cefic.

Inorganic coagulants are aluminium and iron salts; elements essential for water treatment, paper manufacturing, cement industry and fertiliser production. They are naturally occurring and afford safe drinking water to billions the world over.

INCOPA’s membership includes more than 30 producers of inorganic coagulants.

INCOPA deals with the following issues:

  • REACH - Al salts and Ferric Sulphate on CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Program),
  • Phosphorous re-use and recovery,
  • CEN Classification,
  • European Water Policy - drinking water directive, Water Framework Directive (WFD), Reuse of treated wastewater,
  • Industrial Emission Directive – WGC BREF.

Contact details

Contact person: Caroline Andersson