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EasyMining Sweden delivers processes for phosphorus extraction from various raw materials, such as sewage sludge incineration ash, mining residues and apatite, so creating circular flows of phosphorus. Ash2®Phos enables phosphorus recovery from ash of incinerated sewage sludge which can contain 7-10% P (phosphorus) and 5 – 10% Fe or Al (iron and/or aluminium). The Ash2®Phos process uses a wet chemical process to recover the phosphorus in the form of clean commercial products: mono/di-ammonium phosphates (fertiliser) or mono/di-calcium phosphates (feed phosphates). The process also recovers aluminium and iron in the form of precipitation chemicals to be recycled back to sewage works for phosphorus precipitation. Unwanted heavy metals in the ash are separated for disposal. Easy Mining’s CleanMAP® process enables energy efficient production of ammonium phosphates (MAP or DAP, of technical grade) using phosphoric acid streams of high or low concentrations, without requiring steam for acid concentration. Easymining believes that ESPP can contribute to developing phosphorus recycling through information, monitoring and contacts with decision makers.

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