SNB, a Dutch company established in 1994 by Dutch Water Authorities, operates the largest sewage sludge incineration plant in Europe. Our aim is to treat sewage sludge sustainably by recovery of energy and raw materials. Furthermore we are engaged to reduce our environmental footprint, including with the objective of carbon neutral sewage sludge treatment. Currently we process about 410.000 to 430.000 tons of dewatered sewage sludge a year. The strategic goal is to achieve circular sewage water and sludge treatment. To achieve this goal SNB is and has been involved with several partners to recovery phosphates from sewage sludge incineration fly ashes. These contain a phosphorus at concentrations comparable to low grade phosphate rock. In addition to phosphate recovery, SNB is looking to recover and recycle nitrogen from sewage sludge. As a member of ESPP, SNB will contribute, together with the other members, to a phosphorus sustainable Europe by recovery of phosphates from waste, through research and by steering regulation towards a circular economy.

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