European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI)European Biochar Industry

The European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) is the voice of leading players in the rapidly developing European biochar industry. Biochar is an exceptional carbon removal material with enormous potential to help in efforts related to sustainable agriculture, circular economy, and climate change mitigation, among others. For a broad range of feedstocks, particularly hardly valorised ones like sewage sludge or certain animal by-products, pyrolysis enables the integration into a circular economy. By increasing awareness of the benefits of biochar and advocating for science-backed regulations and industry standards, EBI is working towards developing the European biochar industry into an important industry sector and making a significant contribution in Europe‚Äôs fight against climate change. By becoming a member of the ESPP, EBI finds an important ally in advancing nutrient recovery and waste stream valorisation, including carbonization as a treatment path for residues like sewage sludge and work towards a circular economy as well as the creation of quality carbon removals.