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The European Council (Member States) adopted its position on the Fertilisers Regulation proposal on 20th December. This is not yet published, but has been seen by some stakeholders. Media coverage indicates that Council’s position is to delay the proposed 60 mg/kgPO3 cadmium limit by eight years, then subject any possible reduction to evaluation. The position indirectly recognises the possibility of “Low carbon fertiliser” by specifying pathogen limits for inorganic fertilisers >1% organic carbon. Council proposals on animal by products however pose problems (“Whereas” n°s 10 and 12), as do proposals on digestates and composts (CMC3, CMC5) by requesting prior sanitation for input of animal by products (in particular manure): so effectively requiring ‘double sanitation’. The proposed Regulation now goes to the trilogue process where Parliament and Council negotiate (with support of Commission) to hopefully find a jointly acceptable text, with discussion usually addressing only points included in the amendments of either Council or Parliament.

Initially proposed EU Fertilisers Regulation text:

EU Parliament amendments:

Council amendments (not yet published) see

Council press release

Cross-sector industry joint statement

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