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Lumbricus BV, CEO/Head R&D and Consultancy


After my study soil science and soil fertility at Wageningen University, I worked for 8 years as a researcher on fertilizers, soil improvers and biostimulants at the Nutrient Management Institute (NMI) in Wageningen. I setup many registration projects for waste recycling products to work on a more sustainable nutrient cycle. 

I also managed many demonstration projects, especially with composts and manure products. For the creation and production of the Handbook on Fertilisers for the Dutch market I contacted many fertiliser companies in and outside the Netherlands collecting chemical, physical, biological and practical information in relation to their products, to present this information objectively in this Handbook. In 2000 I started as a product and research manager fertilisers at Melsping International, setting up a research program throughout Europe for a new developed and patented organo-mineral fertiliser line and biostimulant line, called Marathon. This product went on to be used internationally in agriculture, horticulture and sports. In 2004 I became general manager of the special fertiliser department of Melspring/Olmix. Since 2008 I am founder and CEO of the research and consultancy company Lumbricus BV in the Netherlands, active in soil-plant interactions in agriculture & horticulture, dikes and sports & golf. Lumbricus already supported many fertiliser companies and waste recycling companies in Europe in their product development with fundamental and practical research and demonstration programs as well with product registration. Besides being a CEO of Lumbricus BV I am a part-time PhD student at the Radboud University Nijmegen since 2017. Triggered and curious about the world of soil life and carbon dynamics in soils, I conduct research on carbon accumulation in turfgrass soils.

Company website: www.lumbricus.nl