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CCm Technologies, Chief Technology Officer

hammondPeter is Chief Technology Officer and a founder of CCm Technologies. His background is in commercial process engineering development and has had a particular focus on the application of carbon dioxide within the food, agricultural and petrochemical industries. 

He has worked at large scale in the development food processing plants in North and South America and on specialised phytochemical plants in Europe. As a Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield Research and a Fellow of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham Peter has gained significant experience in the development of processes from fundamental research. His wider body of work includes patents for materials, processes and analytical techniques along with the founding of two successful businesses.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s profile on CCm (Link), focused on why it's circular and the benefits it provides across many parts of the food system value chain and the environment, concluding: “Overall, CCm’s technology eliminates waste and pollution, keeps materials in use, and helps regenerate soils – a rare example of a company that ticks all three principles of the circular economy.