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Partnership applications - in kind
Application form for knowledge institutes, NGOs, R&D organisations to become ESPP Platform partners through in-kind contribution

Horizon 2020 water consultation
ESPP contribution submitted to the «Horizon 2020» stakeholder consultation on orientations for societal challenge H2020 SC5 on water-related innovation
ESPP input Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 June 2014

ESPP meeting minutes 5-6-2014
Minutes and presentations from the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform meeting, 5th June 2014, Brussels: EU consultation on sustainable phosphorus, actions to date and projects.
ESPP Minutes 5-6-2014

Sustainable Phosphorus Summit 2014 Programme
Programme of the SPS 2014 held in Monpellier, France, 1-3 September 2014
Sustainable Phosphorus Summit programme

Phosphorus competence inventory France
Catalogue of services, products, competence, knowledge in phosphorus management and sustainable phosphorus, France
Présentation initiatives phosphore France

Wetsus phosphorus recovery inventories
WETSUS Netherlands, for ESPP: Inventory of 33 reports assessing phosporus recycling technologies and routes
Wetsus P-recovery inventories

Horizon 2020 agri-food consultation
ESPP submission to Horizon 2020 stakeholder consultation for societal challenge H2020 SC2 on agriculture and food R&D, June 2014
ESPP input Horizon 2020 agri-food consultation

ManuResource stakeholder declaration
Stakeholder declaration on recycling of nutrients in manure and regulatory framework, ManuResource, Bruges 5-6 December 2013

Call for texts: perspectives for phosphorus futures
Instructions for sending in visions for "sustainable phosphorus in tomorrows world" to be published in SCOPE/ESPP Newsletter special edition. Late submissions still welcome!

Response to EU consultation

ESPP response to European Commission “consultative communication on the sustainable use of phosphorus”, 27/11/2013

MoU Nutrient Platforms

Dutch, German and Flemish Nutrient Platforms memorandum, signed in Berlin, November 15 2013

ESPP comments Soil Amendment Ecolabel

Comments submitted to the EU Ecolabel criteria revision ‘Soil improvers and Growing Media’

ESPP H2020 funding opportunities

Summary of sustainable phosphorus related funding opportunities within the Horizon 2020 framework

Joint ESPP-WssTP on magnesium availability for struvite precipitation as a route for phosphorus recycling
ESPP-WssTP_statement_on magnesium availability

ESPP letter on European Commission, calling on development of Circular Economy on Phosphorus
ESPP circular economy letter 30-3-15.pdf

Conclusions ESPC 2013

Document with main conclusions as well as the conclusions of the interactive table sessions.

Speech Janez Potocnik

Opening speech on the second day of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference by Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Environment

Closing Statement Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters

Closing statement on the second day of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference, Kris Peeters, Minister-President of Flanders

Speech Dr. Helge Wendenburg

Opening speech during the first day of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference

Dr. Helge Wendenburg, Director General, Directorate "Water management, Waste management and Soil Protection, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Speech Guus Houttuin

Guus Houttuin, European Commission, European External Action Service, Global Issues

Speech Hugo von Meijenfeldt

Keynote speech by the Dutch Minister for the Environment, Wilma Mansveld, spoken
by Hugo von Meijenfeldt

The cartoonist perspective on Phosphorus by Floris Oudshoorn, StripstudioCartoonGreenPaper

On the second day of ESPC2013 a cartoonist made some really nice impressions of our conference and presented them during the conference by hanging them all over the main conference room.

At the request of many conference participants we have uploaded all cartoons on our Facebook page.

Joint Declaration20130306 ESPC2013-097

At the 1st European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 2013, held in Brussels on 6-7 March 2013, participants reached consensus to launch the European Phosphorus Platform to continue dialogues, raise awareness and trigger actions to address the Phosphorus Challenge that have implications for ensuring food security, geopolitical stability and environmental sustainability.

Have you already signed up for the Joint Declaration?

CoverSmalingPresentation Opportunities for a European phosphorus future

Where to go from here? One thing we could agree on: the Phosphorus Challenge asks for three lines of solution: more efficient use, recyling and smart cooperation

Prof. Dr. Eric Smaling, Chair of the Dutch Nutrient Platform

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